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Is it just me, or is the Polish diet rather unhealthy?

20 Sep 2009 /  #91
Brits eat beans for breakfast...

Nowt wrong with that......Beans are the answer to all the worlds problems....EAT MORE BEANS...but not mine thank you....
20 Sep 2009 /  #92
Had some dumplings today - thought they were great! I've eaten food all over the world and it's just a matter of getting used to local cuisine. Isn't everyone's Mum the best cook in the world?
20 Sep 2009 /  #93
Exactly right. It's a matter of adjusting and keeping an open mind. There was a Lithuanian option, cepalini or sth like that, that the tour guide wouldn't stop talking about. It was their answer to pierogi. It was dripping in fat and, although fairly tasty, was nothing to write home about.
20 Sep 2009 /  #94
My Mum's a better cook than yours!
20 Sep 2009 /  #95
zeppelin is instant heart attack.

It was their answer to pierogi.

Not at all.

It was dripping in fat

Ah it is terrible stuff, unless you are hungry and it is minus 29 outside, that did happen.
and you are right, it is still nothing to write home about.
Those cats eat pig's ears.
20 Sep 2009 /  #96
The grease was more than Beckham with his Brylcreem ;) It reminded me of cheap Scottish dumplings from primary school. The pierogi at a bar just 10 mins from me serves them greasy too but not dripping in fat.

I gained 3 kilos that night ;) ;)

Blueboy, my Mum gave up cooking some time ago so you win :) Lazy Brits and their microwave options ;) ;) The Poles are still checking their dictionaries to see what microwaves are ;) ;)
20 Sep 2009 /  #97
I would say the traditional food Polish people eat is unhealthy but the diet of many other countries is no better or worse, look at the Americans.
20 Sep 2009 /  #98
My girl is Polish and she's a very good cook. She cooks me fantastic meals with lots of veg, rice, fish etc... Litte fat! I've never eaten such healthy food. Yeah, we have the occasional full-fat dumpling thing - but that's just a treat.

Maybe the moral of the story is to cook food at home?
20 Sep 2009 /  #99
The vast majority of Poles and other eastern europeans I know eat very healthily. Mad for the salads and all that lark.
1 Oct 2009 /  #100
The Poles benefit from earlier finishing times and this has a positive effect on their dietary habits. Finishing at 9pm like I often do is not that healthy though I try to keep to a balanced diet.
3 Oct 2009 /  #101
"If Polish food is so come Polish people don,t look like Americans...? sorry , no offense meant to any lard assed Americans on the forum....!"

Okay then, no offense taken! lol
3 Oct 2009 /  #102
Is it just me, or is the Polish diet rather unhealthy?

i lost 10 kilos since i moved to UK and i am not on a diet - let me repeat i am not on a diet - so you might have a point there
3 Oct 2009 /  #103
"If Polish food is so come Polish people don,t look like Americans...? sorry , no offense meant to any lard assed Americans on the forum....!"
Okay then, no offense taken! lol

It's because the American diet is the worst of all. There's too many processed convenience foods without nutrients. It's worse than meals soaked in lard.
14 Oct 2009 /  #104
Justy is a good case of sb who went the other way. 10 kilos is a fair bit to lose. She's clearly sensible, unlike this article I read which blamed Britain for making Agnieszka and Agata (example names) little fatties. I was quite offended as to how discipline wasn't stressed, rather than taking a pop at British food offerings. I've gotten bigger since being in Poland but there are many factors which lead to that, not only food.

The Polish diet is not the healthiest in the world but fresh bread and tomatoes with a bit of cheese is great.
14 Oct 2009 /  #105
It also depends what parts of Poland we're talking about, Silesians are known to have a very fat-rich kitchen, especially in comparison with people from the seaside..
14 Oct 2009 /  #106
That's true. Almost without fail, it's beef rolls (rolady) with Silesian dumplings and other fatty additions. What else did you have in mind, frd?
14 Oct 2009 /  #107
I don't really remember the dishes, it's just a recollection of my visits to any Silesian family that I'm acquinted with, friends, aunts and uncles and so on, it was all heavy on the stomach.. ;) I'm not even talking about region specific dishes ( like those you mentioned ) but all other native to Poland too, always watered with a lot sauce, dripping with fat, your average "Rosół" had a 5 milimeters thick layer of fat..

I guess that maybe it was because of the heavy industry in Silesia, most of people being manual workers who needed the energy for long hours in coal mines and steelworks..
14 Oct 2009 /  #108
I've noticed that a lot of oil/fat is put into soups. The pierogi in some places here are swimming in grease. I like a little to draw out the taste but not much. I'm not in a position to be eating such foods.
14 Oct 2009 /  #109
dripping with fat, your average "Rosół" had a 5 milimeters thick layer of fat..

Fortunately, the better half skims the soups pretty good. Leaves me plenty of room to get my empty calories from the Zywiec bottle.

14 Oct 2009 /  #110
Geez, you need to see the leczo (Hungarian actually but adopted here) at Bar Teatralny just by me. It is dripping with fat but mighty tasty. Let me guess, it's not Polish not but Hungarian? ;) ;)
14 Oct 2009 /  #111
Ah, leczo is a dish of a different matter. I can appreciate the fat in that. All the better to enjoy some nice fresh bread, to sop it up with.
14 Oct 2009 /  #112
Yeah, get that bread soggy :) I'm not sure how popular it is here but it should be.

Bread rolls are popular and they aren't exactly for those on diets. Damn good though.
14 Oct 2009 /  #113
Well, Polish food is better suited for winter.

There are plenty of Summer dishes - chlodnik, fruit pierogis, fruit soups, a myriad of veggie salads, baked goods etc. Of course meat is eaten in Summer too, much like anywhere where meat is eaten. Same goes for potatoes and other staple foods.
14 Oct 2009 /  #114
It is dripping with fat

I am trying to visualise leczo dripping with fat. How can a sauce-based dish do that? It's immersed in sauce, but remember sauce is not grease! At least in my part of the world, to make a sauce I drain quite a lot of the liquid the meat or vegetables had been simmering in (which is basically water with some oil), and add some flour to it, maybe a bit of cream, mix it well and return to the pot. Yeah, I guess some old-timers might add a bit more fat at the start, but still... dripping with fat?
14 Oct 2009 /  #115
At least in my part of the world

If you read few more posts you would have noticed we were mentioning Silesian food, and Silesian custom to season everything with fat sauces...
14 Oct 2009 /  #116
Yes, dripping with fat. You have pierogi from a famous bar here in Gliwice called Sierakowidski or sth like that. Leczo from the bar near me is saturated with fat, you can see the layer at the bottom.
14 Oct 2009 /  #117
Yes, dripping with fat.

Proper winter food, isn't it.
It seems that the that's what gets you through a freezing cold winter.
14 Oct 2009 /  #118
I agree, it wasn't a criticism but an observation. Stodgy food helps you through.
17 Oct 2009 /  #119
well i think polish people look alot healthier than british people like there ski looks better and there neather obese so iwas wondering what i tipycal polish food....and do they eat more natrally than other patrs of europe?

what i the polish national dish plz?

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