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I'd like to share my views with you all about this forum

tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
25 Jul 2007 /  #1
As i'm an open and honest person i thought i'd like to share my views with you all, please read the whole thing before replying as you may mis-intemperate or mis-understand what i'm saying.

Before i found this forum i used to think that such things were for people who had nothing better to do with their day, for example, geeks, people with no friends, jerks and general bums, and that it was just somewhere for them to vent their anger and frustrations etc. well to use my own saying 'assumptions are the mother of all F**K ups' in this case is write as my assumption was completely WRONG and IN-JUSTIFIED.

Since i found this forum i have not been a regular as such and tend to make contributions about three or four days apart as i'm generally busy with sports, work, university etc etc and can hardly call myself a regular on here compared to some of you.

Anyway this has convinced me that forums such as this one are actually very good, it gives me a chance to, meet new people, learn new things, discuss anything with people from around the world and generally chat with people that if it was not for this media i would never have spoken too.

I think half of the fun for me is speaking to everybody and having to imagine what you are like individually as i don't actually see or hear you. (In most cases) which is different from been face to face with your usual mates.

So what i'm saying is thank you to you all for making me feel welcome and making me realise that forums such as this are actually good, as well as speaking to people, normally, deep or whatever i even enjoy those who have a different opinion from myself, so to all those who have slagged me, slated me, called me names thanks too!!!!

I don't know what i'm expecting in reply and if anybody else has ever thought of it that way, i guess i'll get a few nut jobs saying how sad and deep i am but ow well thats part of forums :)
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
25 Jul 2007 /  #2
uh oh.. another long poster like me :) admin your in trouble.. :))))

all is good tornado..nothing wrong with showing your soft side.. for some reason
this forum has a way of bringing us to open up a bit more :))
hello 22 | 891  
25 Jul 2007 /  #3
Nice testimonials.
OP tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
25 Jul 2007 /  #4
wow wow wow, this was about forums in general but hay go ahead and change what you like, no need to ask!!! LOL :)
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
25 Jul 2007 /  #5
i guess i'll get a few nut jobs saying how sad and deep i am

Not at all. This was a nice post that shows up some of the good things that happen here.

Personally I would have described it as sad and shallow <only messing>

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