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How to create a relevant "anchor text" when linking to other sources

Admin 32 | 1,530   Administrator
18 Apr 2008 /  #1
A lot of members may still not know it's possible to use custom words (different from just the default: URL) when linking to other websites. Using custom "anchor text" (or "link label") that is closely related to the destination page is both more relevant and useful for the reader.

If you look at these two links: - URL and PolishForums - website about Poland, you will probably be more likely to click on the latter link; those who are not interested won't have to waste their time and click on the link either just to determine they are not interested.

In order to create an anchor text, all you have to do is to write and highlight the word/s you want to be included in the link FIRST, and THEN click on the "URL link" icon on top of the form and type in or paste the web address.

Of course, the anchor text must be closely related to the content of the landing page so that it is not confusing to the reader.

PS. If you don't want to create "anchor text", it's better to just copy-paste straight link than 'URL'.

Admin, PolishForums
OP Admin 32 | 1,530   Administrator
29 Oct 2008 /  #2
It seems not all posters have read or understood this message yet so here is a reminder.

PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
15 Nov 2008 /  #4
SeanBM I hope these two pictures will help. You'll have to click on them to enlarge them I think...Once you've added the brief description those will be the words that appear on the screen rather than a long web address. :)

  • Anchor 1

  • Anchor 2
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
15 Nov 2008 /  #5

the story of stuff

that's it, cool.
Thanks PolskaDoll, that explained it perfectly :)

I always thought that the cursor being there was a misplacement, not it all becomes clear :)
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
15 Nov 2008 /  #6
You're most welcome. :)

Yes, in fact the cursor is a good indication of where the text should go. It does go straight to the specific location where the description should be placed.

Well done. :)
OP Admin 32 | 1,530   Administrator
15 Nov 2008 /  #7
Another way (I personally prefer this way) is to:

1. Write a text.
2. Highlight the part that you want to be linked.
3. Click on the "URL Link" button:

URL Link button

4. Paste the URL.

Same procedure applies when linking to images where the "Image Link" button:

URL Link button

works in the same way.

osiol 55 | 3,922  
15 Nov 2008 /  #8
I use it but not very well.

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