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What do the Polish really think of Australians?

12 Jun 2006 /  #1
seriously, what do they think? be honest XD
12 Jun 2006 /  #2
When I think of Australia I think of:

-the Sydney Opera house
-Crocodile Dundee
-Mount Kosciuszko
-good weather

beside that I don`t think much about Australia, cose you`re practicly on the other side of the World.
OP Aj4  
12 Jun 2006 /  #3
true...true...but pretty bored with australia...even though im only going to become like a backpacker or something when im like 18 and i want to come to poland sometime.
glowa 1 | 291  
12 Jun 2006 /  #4
you'll have a high chance to meet you homies if you go to the mountains in the south. Zakopane seems to become a popular place to visit among the Australians.
OP Aj4  
12 Jun 2006 /  #5
awesomeness! i'll keep that one in mind!
12 Jun 2006 /  #6
Aj4 you will learn in time

ask some australians living in london what they think
20 Jun 2006 /  #7
- Crocodile Dundee
- Mount Kosciuszko
- Kangaroos
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
20 Jun 2006 /  #8
Australia is wicked fun!
20 Jun 2006 /  #9
I was in New Zealand last year, but I didn't have a chance go to go Australia -- because the airport tax to get from New Zealand to Australia is so high! About $400 per person! They told me it's so high so that New Zealanders don't visit Australia very often to work there... Too bad since they lose a lot of prospective visitors there I guess...
OP Aj4  
20 Jun 2006 /  #10
yeah...its a VERY australian thing to look down your nose at a Kiwi so we don't really care...

whats UN-australian though is smoking pot in your own laundry! a friend of mine has a brother who does that with his friends behind his mum's back...

thats so un-australian!!! we should leave THAT one to the americans!

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