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Australians travelling to poland.. re visa

ozdiva821 1 | -  
17 Sep 2008 /  #1
Hi... My Husband and I are off to Europe in November and we really wanted to spend new years in Krakow. We are unsure whether we need a visa. We will only be in Europe for a total of 45 days. Is poland part of the Schengen agreement. If not what do we do so when we get to poland at the end of december it is all organised. We want to stay in poland for 3 days.


17 Sep 2008 /  #2
If you're Australian you don't need a visa for Poland (but double check with the Embassy) and yes, Poland is now in Schengen so you can stay in it for 90 days in any 12 months.
davidpeake 14 | 451  
17 Sep 2008 /  #3
thats correct, you do not need a visa for Poland if you hold an aussie passport..
anton87 2 | 2  
5 Nov 2008 /  #4
Even before Schengen, I could stay 90 days.
(I was there when Schengen got introduced)

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