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Questions regarding living&working in Gdansk

linaa 1 | 2
9 Jul 2018 #1

I am a postgraduated that has applied to a job in Gdansk. The job is similar to what a callcenter ( answering mails/calls in the fashion industry ) does and it`s located in Gdansk - the only thing is that it requires my mother tongue that is different from Polish. The field that I have studied has nothing to do with it, but I need a job. I also come form an eastern european country and I have the following questions:

1) How much should I ask ( they`ve asked me how much do I want to gain ) as a net salary considering the job that I`ve applied to?

2) How much should I earn in order to live a decent life?
- I am single&vegan
- By decent I mean to earn&live on my own without the need to call my parents and send me money
- I`ve looked up and saw that a normal flat ( 1bedroom/ studio) is around 1500-1800 pln. Is that accurate enough?

3) How`s life in general in Gdansk? Is it a huge problem that I am not familiar with the Polish language?

Thank you very much
Atch 17 | 4,086
9 Jul 2018 #2
Hi Linaa, to answer your questions:

1) Salaries in call centres are not high and unless your language is a rare one ( you don't say what your mother tongue is) then you're not in a position to negotiate much. Take a look at the site Glassdoor to see salaries in Gdańsk for jobs similar to the one you're considering. By the way you won't be negotiating for the net salary, but for the brutto (gross before tax, so be sure that you're clear on what you'll actually be paid).

2) You could live on 3,000 I suppose but it would be a bit grim.

3) The rent you quote sounds a bit high I think, but if it includes the 'czynsz' (service charge) it sounds about right for the top end. I'm sure you could get cheaper and you might be able to find a room in a shared flat/apartment with some other young people which would cut down on expenses. Try the site

4) Basic Polish would be an advantage. In all honesty it's hard to manage with zero Polish but if you speak another Slavic language you may find it easy enough to pick up.

Oh and take a look at numbeo, the cost of living site where you can compare living costs between Gdańsk and where you live now :)

@Dirk, the OP is a woman, not a boy of any kind, soy or otherwise.
OP linaa 1 | 2
31 Jul 2018 #3
Thank you for your answer.

They proposed a gross of 4500 PLN. Using a polish calculator that means that I would earn 3200 zloty.
I have thought that too, that the rent is a little high, a little more. The thing is that I do not want something bigger than a kawalerka and I want to stay alone.

Now, I have looked up the prices..but I need some extra info.

1) How are Polish in general with foreigners?
2) How would you appreciate that it"s the average for food money? ( I have read about it, some claim that they spend 1000 zloty, others that they can survive with

300 zloty per month )

I would have to relocate. Of course, the salary is not extraordinary, but I have zero experience...
Atch 17 | 4,086
31 Jul 2018 #4
300 zloty per month )

There is absolutely no way you will feed yourself for 300zł per month and remember you will also need things like shampoo, toothpaste, loo roll, washing up liquid, it all adds up.

Poles are generally ok with foreigners. I'm Irish so I find them a bit stiff and formal but I don't what you're used to. You might feel differently.
OP linaa 1 | 2
31 Jul 2018 #5
I see...I was thinking the same too, but I guess that everyone is different.
Indeed, but there is no problem with that. At the end of the day I am the foreigner.

Thank you very much for your information.

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