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Signing a contract by email with a large company in Poland

Samuel2015 1 | -
1 Oct 2015 #1
I've been offered a position in Poland by a large international company. They emailed me a scanned version of the working contract that is already signed by them. I'm supposed to print it, sign it, scan it and email it back to them. I'm not residing in Poland at the moment nor have I ever resided there.

My question is: Is this contract valid in Poland and/or is it a common practice? After all we are not signing the same paper. In my native country I believe this kind of a contract would be of a very questionable nature and an original paper copy signed by both parties would be required.

4 Oct 2015 #2
Not sure if that's a common practice in Poland but it happened to me a few times already.
If you agree with the terms of the contract, then what's the problem with doing the way they want it I suppose you trust them otherwise you wouldn't even consider working for them.

Nothing prevents you from asking a paper copy of the contract once you're onsite.
bakkalgazi 2 | 21
4 Oct 2015 #3
Hello Samuel; can you please check your inbox?

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