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I have a contract with a Norwegian company as a sub-contractor not an employee, I want to live in Poland

6 Jun 2015 /  #1
Hello everyone,

I've been looking for information into this website for over 3 hours! I'm a Freelancer, and graduated with a BA degree in Information Technology - Multimedia and Web Development. I currently live in Gaza, I'm 23 years old. I make about $1,500 a month from my freelance work, I recently signed up a contract with a Norwegian company to pay me $3,000 a month for at least 1 year, as a project manager, website development and enhancement.

I'm thinking to move to Poland, I'd like to get advice on which is the best route/way to get a visa and settle in Poland? I heard people saying that I can build up an LLC company then get a work-permit, I just don't know what's best option to take in order to get a work-permit or permanent stay/resident in Poland.

Please help, I really need trusted advice.

6 Jun 2015 /  #2
I presume you don't have a Polish language certificate to allow you to work in Poland. While in Norway, English is so common, it probably wasn't necessary to learn Norwegian, English will most likely not get you as far in Poland, on average:-)
7 Jun 2015 /  #3
I presume you don't have a Polish language certificate to allow you to work in Poland.

You don't need any such thing.

To go to Poland to work however, the OP would need a job offer he from an employer willing to apply for a work permit. Building up contacts in Norway with a view to getting an offer there may well be a better bet.
7 Jun 2015 /  #4
OK. In Germany, there was a call for a very long time to require a sort of general "Deutsche Sprachpruefung" (Państwowy egzamin języka polskiego dla cudzodziemców) for all immigrants to German as a way of insuring their survival language skills. Not sure any longer what came of that, since I haven't lived there in years!

Poland may well be laxer in this regard:-)
7 Jun 2015 /  #5
It was in theory required (pre-2004, anyway) for anyone wanting residence and was a very basic test. I never heard of anyone ever taking it though.

I wonder if the OP has contacts with any companies that might offer something in Poland? A very competitive job market in the IT field, however if his specialism is in demand...
OP Saed2015  
7 Jun 2015 /  #6
Thanks everyone for your responses, I'm just wondering, if I manage to register an LLC in Poland, can I get a work-permit there?
7 Jun 2015 /  #7
Owning a company does not automatically qualify the owner for a work permit.
7 Jun 2015 /  #8
Yes, having a "company" registered only costs a few ZL in Poland and it does not make it liveable. Authorities need more than a mere paper. They need concrete info that the owner of the company makes concrete money so does not become a "burden"
OP Saed2015  
7 Jun 2015 /  #9
Thanks for your reply, If I showed them my contract and other sources of income for my company, will that be accepted? My contract is extended to a year and a half, $3,000 monthly. What do you think? My other sources are from other clients I work with worldwide. I can show proofs as well.
7 Jun 2015 /  #10
Why do you want to move to Poland?
OP Saed2015  
8 Jun 2015 /  #11
Because I want to live in any good EU country and work from there and be close to my EU clients, living in Gaza, where I am now, means I can't physically meet any of my clients, which doesn't help the growth of my company.
8 Jun 2015 /  #12
They are probably going to want to see that you already have sufficient funds to cover your stay and return to Gaza, rather than just contracts. They are probably going to want to see some proof of financial stability, which is going to be hard to prove if you are only 23. For immigration, they are probably going to want to see proof that you have a substantial amount of liquid capital to invest in the business. Again, the contracts you have are probably insufficient.

That's all guesswork, though, perhaps the best you can expect on a site like this. The best advice I can give is to talk to an immigration attorney with experience in dealing with the EU, or at least to the Polish Representation in Ramallah.

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