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Non administrative jobs in Poland?

10 Jul 2019  #1
Hello, my degrees is from America, a Business and Management one. OK, I like Polish culture and language but I don't know speaking it. Is it even worth it to look for a job in Poland? It seems that all the jobs available for non Polish speakers are those boring accounting/call center/business analysts jobs I hate. There are also jobs for programmers/IT people but I'm not one of them:

I'd rather do something in sales, graphic design etc. Was thinking about Germany due to higher sales and easy to travel to Poland for vacations... however I don't know German either. Should I go with what language I know and just look for a job in Ireland as I know English? What would you do?
Lyzko 20 | 6,320
10 Jul 2019  #2
Any serious position, in Poland or elsewhere, with the commensurate salary to match, requires naturally not only a rock solid ability
in English, but also German, possibly French, or at least one other major EU language!

There will always be exceptions, of course.
OP Zlatko
10 Jul 2019  #3
I think in graphic design and music/singing the local language + English would do, no?

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