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Question about Poland rental property pricing (is 'administrative fee' a one-time fee?)

22 Aug 2011 /  #1

I have a question. I'll be moving to Krakow very soon and I'm trying to understand the pricing on rental properties on this site.

On this particular property, the rent is 1100 PLN/month + 300 PLN administrative fee. Does that mean that the 300 PLN is a one time fee or is that added every month and the price would actually be 1400 PLN/month? Just trying to understand that part.

22 Aug 2011 /  #2
Yes, admin fees are monthly fees. It is quite simple and doesn't vary from other countries. They are usually to cover expenses sucha as: garbage, electricity in common areas (staircase etc.), lift maintainance, security/monitoring, sometimes an advance for water (recalculated yearly) and a fee for administration to take care of that all. 300 zloty here is ok, provided that it includes the above. Admin fees can be easily summed up with the rent and you can pay both to the landlord.

To your total costs you obviously have to add bills too (Internet, electricity, maybe gas, etc.)
So the cost is 1400 + some utilities.
OP Zloty  
22 Aug 2011 /  #3
Thanks so much Olaf.

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