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Jobs on Poland's Karta Pobytu - card valid for my current employer only

26 Sep 2017 #1
Dear All i would like to have your opinion or experience to share with. I have joined a company to get my karta pobytu and its a 4 hour work a day now i want to shift to other company like Citi Bank, Money Gram etc with nice salary and on a good designation but always i am having issue is that my card and decision is only valid for my current employer so in that case whats the best step to be taken.appreciate your response in advance.
Alexbrz 3 | 78
26 Sep 2017 #2
Waiting till next year to get a new job. Card is valid for a year and getting a new one nearly impossible. At least, that is what i've seen up close from my Ukrainian coworker
27 Sep 2017 #3
Dear but my card is valid for next three years so what should I suppose to do if some company want to hire me what I need from them or any best suggestions.
DominicB - | 2,707
27 Sep 2017 #4
Your new employer will have to apply for a new work permit, and you would have to take that to the Foreigners Office, together with your new contract.
Honeymoon55 6 | 28
7 Feb 2019 #5

Received my Karta pobytu in Poland but left my company, now what ?

Hello everyone,
I am a non-EU foreigner who has been living in Poland for over 3 years now. I graduated from Warsaw University and got a job in a company here in Warsaw as well.

I applied for my 3rd Karta pobytu during my employment period but my contract got terminated by the end of January 2019 and I received my Decision + Karta Pobytu in the beginning of February.

In the Decision it is written that I have free access to the labor market since I have a Polish university diploma. So am I allowed to work in any other company since i didn't need a special work permit for a specific company? and do I need to inform the immigration office about the fact that I left my previous company and now I'm looking for another one? and what will happen to my Karta Pobytu that I just received few days ago?

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