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Can I have Polish passport with Poland's pobytu karta (residence card)?

9 May 2017 /  #1
As long as I can:
1)speak B1 polish (after polish school studies)
2) living 2 years in warszawa
3) have documents?

Is it true? I find these details here /polish-citizenship.html

Someone have experience or know something about it?
Olaf 6 | 955  
11 May 2017 /  #2
Passports are for citizens. REsidence cards are for foreigners. You cannot be both at the same time.
DominicB - | 2707  
11 May 2017 /  #3
Is it true?

No, it's not true, and that's not what the document you linked to says.

You can only apply for citizenship two years after you receive permission to settle. You can only get permission to settle only once you get permanent residency. To get permanent residency, you need to spend five full-time years in Poland. Studies count as half-time residence, so each year as a student counts as only one half year for that purpose. So right now, you have only one year of full time residency (your two years as a student), and you need at least seven. So you have at least six more years to go, and probably longer if you are still studying.
Usmhelp - | 5  
2 Nov 2017 /  #4

Poland's Passport application by a person with permament residence card, married to Polish citizen

Hi am married polish citizen from April 2013. We have 2 year of child. I also got polish permanent residence card last year September 2016. When can i apply for passport. And is it important to pass B1 exam in polish language? Please guide me.
LongTermR 1 | 37  
3 Nov 2017 /  #5
Your english level is even not b1. Perhaps your native language poor too and you want to get polish b1 certificate. Man the world not revolves around you. You live in dreamland.
Usmhelp - | 5  
4 Nov 2017 /  #6
Thanks for information. Am not a student in poland.just am living here and as u say five years. But these five years not start when u got married?
5 Nov 2017 /  #7
the world not revolves around you

Your English is not even A2.

After 2 years of permanent residence you can apply for citizenship, so in Sept. 2018.
Usmhelp - | 5  
5 Nov 2017 /  #8
Thanks a lot for helpful comment. But still i need to pass polish language exam?
dolnoslask 5 | 2808  
5 Nov 2017 /  #9
But still i need to pass polish language exam?

Try and immerse yourself into Polish working life, the more time you spend with Polish people in a working environment is the fastest way to learn, work for free at weekends if you have to, I learned basic Chinese doing exactly that, I spent months trying to learn form tapes and books before i went it got me nowhere, working and socialising worked best. I guess its easy for language teachers but not for the normal joe good luck.

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