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Poland's Internships for English Speakers w/ Polish A2

BumSkillet 10 | 11
17 Dec 2017 #1
I am wondering if anyone knows of internship programs in Poland related to business (logistics or the like) for Americans who have a huge interest in Poland/the Polish language, but who don't have a working proficiency in it yet. I would love a program that could also provide good future benefits or language learning sponsorship. Thanks!
cms 9 | 1,254
17 Dec 2017 #2
Do you have Polish citizenship? If so then your best bet would be to email the big logistics companies and some of the provate logistics schools and tell then what you are looking for - you could also try big retail companies. There is a huge shortage of people with any logistics knowledge at the moment in Poland so you have an outside chance of doing that.

Few companies run formal internship programs - only really banks et cetera.

If you are not a citizen then it's going to be difficult because no one will really want the hassle of getting you a work permit.

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