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How can I find a job in Poland especially in Warsaw? I am from China, I have polish wife.

WangYong 1 | 1
13 Jul 2014 #1
Hello, I am from China, I have polish wife. I still live in China and work in company as a customers' manager, but at end of this year, i plan go to Poland and start life here. where should I look for job? Maybe someone knows some job recrutation agency in Poland, especially in Warsaw? I am glad for your help! ;) thank you
Monitor 14 | 1,820
13 Jul 2014 #2
Here is some old topic, which you can study:

Here are few job portals with search results for "ChiƄski";kw

Perhaps invest in intensive Polish language course. There are some preparing for studies in Poland. It last around 1 year, 5 days per week, around 5h per day. Costs around 10 000 PLN. With advanced Polish and native Chinese you should have some job opportunities. Without Polish, your foreign experience will not be worth much here. Most of Asians in Warsaw are from Vietnam and they sell usually cheap clothes. For most of people you will be considered yet another Vietnamese seller.

You have also opportunity to work in any other European Country, but your wife has to find there job as first:


If you are working in another country - as an employee, self-employed or on a posting, your non-EU spouse, (grand) children or (grand)parents can stay there with you without having to meet any other conditions.

Equal treatment
During their stay in your new country, your non-EU spouse, (grand)children or (grand)parents should be treated as nationals, notably as regards access to employment, pay and benefits facilitating access to work, enrollment in schools, etc.

13 Jul 2014 #3
where should I look for job?

If you can start a business that'll be great. Do you know kung fu? start a class I'll join.

Home / Work / How can I find a job in Poland especially in Warsaw? I am from China, I have polish wife.
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