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Doctor in Poland refuses to give sick leave for day earlier

19 Oct 2017 #1
Hello, I work in Poland. I catched the flu and had fever yesterday night, I had to leave my work then as I was not able to work in such state.

I was told by my supervisor to go to the doctor we have in the office the next day as I work night shifts and he was not there (Luxmed). Today the doctor gave me a sick leave for a couple of days but refused to give me one for yesterday as he claims I didnt go to any doctor yesterday.

I am wondering how does this work and if I should insist to the doctor to write me a sick leave as a friend is advising me to do.
cms 9 | 1,271
19 Oct 2017 #2
Wait until you get paid - if it does not include the hours you missed them call your Dzial Kadry about it - they will mostly want a quiet life and probably pay you the extra few zloty. That will save you the time and transport cost to the doctor.
kaprys 3 | 2,503
19 Oct 2017 #3
Legally he could have given you sick leave up to three days before visiting him on condition it was clear you were unable to work. It's hard to prove in case of the flu, I think. Anyway, I think your L4 form has already been sent to ZUS so I'm not sure you can do anything about it now. Just explain the thing to your supervisor and check what you can do.

Home / Work / Doctor in Poland refuses to give sick leave for day earlier
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