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Job as summer intern in a high end Polish restaurant/ hotel

chefy 1 | 3
1 May 2015 #1
I am currently completing bachelors degree in culinary arts. I would like to spend my summer holidays in high end Polish restaurant. I have experience working in five star hotel for 6 months as a trainee. So anyone can suggest some great place to work. Any kind of help is appreciated.
Looker - | 1,053
2 May 2015 #2
high end Polish restaurant

Here is a list of the best restaurants in Poland 2015 (according to Michelin), they all are located in Warsaw or Cracow:

Again, only one star and, again, for Atelier Amaro; five debuts and the crushing dominance of Warsaw and Kraków - the new edition of the prestigious Michelin Main Cities of Europe culinary guide is now available.

This year's list features 45 Polish restaurants: 24 from Warsaw and 21 from Kraków. Five restaurants made their debut. Wojciech Modest Amaro's Atelier Amaro has once again maintained its one star (denoting "a very good restaurant in its category") presented to the restaurant in 2013. It's still the only restaurant in Poland that has ever been acknowledged with a Michelin star.
OP chefy 1 | 3
3 May 2015 #3
Hey thanks buddy I have a question do they pay for internship and I would really like to know which city is better Krakow or Warsaw
OP chefy 1 | 3
3 May 2015 #5
@Looker. Thank u for ur help
Zsolt - | 3
22 Jan 2019 #6

2-3 week course/ work in Warsaw/Kraków

Hi guys!
Is there any organization in Poland that is organizing student-work during summer, for EU-member students?

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