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Warsaw or Krakow - what is the better place to work in?

phtoa 9 | 236
3 Feb 2012 #1
Hello Everyone,

So i currently work in Krakow, which i have been doing for a good 5 months now. I really like it here but my job is just getting worse day by day! No challenges and not much to do.

So i have been offered a different position in Warsaw, so i am thinking about relocationg.

My question is i really like it in Krakow, is warsaw somewhere similar to Krakow or will it be completely different? (ive never been to Warsaw)
smurf 39 | 1,966
3 Feb 2012 #2
The problem lies in the fact that people from Warsaw are.....well, people from Warsaw....& they can't drive too.
The problem with Krakow is the fact that people think they live in the most beautiful city in the world...check Prague, Barcelona, Rome.

I'd stay where you are but look for a better job, what do you do? Is it teaching? I feel like that too, I've really come to hate teaching and try to do as little of it as possible.
OP phtoa 9 | 236
3 Feb 2012 #3
what do you do? Is it teaching? I feel like that too, I've really come to hate teaching and try to do as little of it as possible

Thanks for the reply..

No actually i work in Outsourcing as an Accountant. And i kinda like my job, but the problem is i never have anything to do!

So i was thinking a good job in Warsaw may be more interresting? But i really like Krakow, so i think your right about just finding another job here.
pip 10 | 1,658
3 Feb 2012 #4
Stay in Krakow. Warsaw can be a drag sometimes.
smurf 39 | 1,966
3 Feb 2012 #5
Look at it this way, it could be a million times worse, what if you lived in Zabrze, or Chorzow, or god forbid Rzeszow
Plus this is the most boring time of year, everyone is too miserable and broke to go out...or using the cold as an excuse. Spring isn't far away.
OP phtoa 9 | 236
3 Feb 2012 #6
Haha smurf i think we misunderstood each other. I have a great social life here, and plenty to do outside of work.
My problem is believe it or not, i have absolutely nothing to do at work! So 8 hours in an office everyday without doing anything just is driving me craazy!
3 Feb 2012 #7
Follow your instinct and come to Warsaw. Do not listen to warsaw bashers. It's a great city and while it is not as beautiful as Cracow there is so much more to do here. Good luck!
Wedle 15 | 490
3 Feb 2012 #8
i work in Outsourcing as an Accountant

So you have a Neto of 4-5,000 Pln in Krakow/Cracow, you will need at least 6-7.000 Pln in Warsaw to have the same quality of life.
OP phtoa 9 | 236
3 Feb 2012 #9
thats exactly right, nice!
Yes i know that but also the job im offered in Warsaw gives me around 7000 net give or take.
So hopefully my quality of life wouldnt change that much.
Wedle 15 | 490
4 Feb 2012 #10
people from Warsaw are.....well, people from Warsaw....& they can't drive too

You are going to need to explain that one Smurf lol
JonnyM 11 | 2,611
4 Feb 2012 #11
There's good and bad everywhere, but generally I find Warsaw people warmer and more relaxed than Krakow people!
Wedle 15 | 490
4 Feb 2012 #12
Personally, I have never heard anyone from Warsaw making negative remarks about People from other cities in Poland, it would seem to me that most negative comments are aimed at people from Warsaw,rather than by people from Warsaw. My conclusion is that most people in Warsaw don't have the time or energy for the trivial matters of name calling, most are focused on holding down a job to meet the mortgage payments.
JonnyM 11 | 2,611
4 Feb 2012 #13
There are certainly people like that, however there's at least as many with a bit more free time, disposable income (usually) and joie de vivre. The people you mention are often from outside Warsaw, really feel they've arrived because they have a job there and buy the most expensive flat they can afford. There are plenty with a less frenetic attitude to life.
kamilwarsaw86 - | 2
5 Feb 2012 #14
I can't understand why people here are so negative about Warsaw. I live here and from my perspective no other city in Poland can offer you so much in terms of career development. On the top of that I would say that quality of life is also very high due to highly convenient public transport, access to any services you may need and many shopping centres with whatever you want to get. Ok, I do agree that Cracov has got its special vibe and maybe looks more pretty than Warsaw but in when it comes to day-to-day living it is no match for Warsaw. Also I wouldn't worry about high costs of living in Warsaw. Most of the stories in this respect are exaggerated. The major thing that might be a bit more expensive is housing. But now real estate market in Warsaw is in relatively bad condition, so prices's been getting lower than few years ago. The bottomline is - do come over here if you are looking for a challenges in your professional life :)
pip 10 | 1,658
5 Feb 2012 #15
I like Warsaw. I work here, I live here. If I had a choice between Warsaw and Krakow- I would take Krakow. If I had a choice of any city in all of Poland I would take Gdynia.
gumishu 15 | 6,271
5 Feb 2012 #16
Gdynia is one of the nicest cities I have ever been to - it has a special vibe too but very different from Kraków - and it is located in beautiful surroundings
JonnyM 11 | 2,611
5 Feb 2012 #17
I would take Gdynia.

Gdynia is one of the nicest cities I have ever been to

Agreed. It's a great place, looks nice with the cliffs and hills and has everything.
scottie1113 7 | 898
5 Feb 2012 #18
Agreed. It's almost as nice as Gdansk.
marcoc10 2 | 6
30 Jul 2016 #19
Merged: Krakow or Warsaw: which one is better for an expat?

Hi All,

I am an European expat, currently based in the UK, considering two potential job opportunities in Poland: one in Warsaw and one in Krakow. Focusing for a moment only on the cities, which one do you think can be the best fit for an expat?

I have spent a good amount of time in both cities in the past and I do not see huge differences between the two cities. Of course, one can say that Warsaw is posh and Krakow is more traditional, but in terms of quality of living it is difficult to pick one rather than another.

Warsaw is larger and it is the key financial centre in Poland, the city is fast paced and there seem to be a lot going on (outdoor/indoor activities, concerts, etc.). Cracow is smaller, more historical, it seems to be less "aggressive" but still very lively.

The elements which are relevant to me are:

- availability of decent properties to live in well connected to the city centre / key facilities (probaly Warsaw better in this respect)
- availability of interesting post graduate courses (MBA or accounting/finance courses)
- expats community (here probably it is a tie)
- job opportunities (for an expat probably Krakow is better due to the larger number of international centers located in the city)
- availability of green spaces for walking / running (Warsaw?)

I would move with my Polish fiance and I am considering staying there at least 2/3 years and it if all goes well, why not, settling down in Poland. Please do not comment on why Poland or that I should stay in the UK, etc as I have already considered it and I have come to my conclusion.

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