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US Visa for gay partner (k-1 visa?)

16 Oct 2015 #1
I have been reading...and reading...and reading! Visa requirements, proof, lawyers, etc. until I grow cross-eyed. Dupa requirements. We want to get married, eventually. We are just not comfortable with the 90-day window the k-1 allots. AND If he will live here, I want him to see it before he commits to it. We go back and forth about who should move. But US is a little more progressive in terms of that sort of thing (gay marriage). I encouraged him to apply for a tourist visa - BUT he has no job, no lease contract, no university commitments. I think he will get denied, and even more so if I try to sponsor him.

Enough babble.
Please help! Give me verbatim of what exactly to say at visa interview, and things that will help or hinder his tourist visa. OR maybe just file the k-1? Should I hire an attorney? Are the legalities simplistic enough to file without aid? Any feedback would be dobra :)

19 Oct 2015 #2
Gay marriage or not, all couples have up to 90 days only to make sure if they want to get married or not (it applies in Poland and the US). The cost of making a tourist visa isn't high and they don't deny as much as they used to so it could be a good idea to try a tourist visa first; if denied you could do K1. Another option - go to Poland and see how it's like living there; you can get to know about your partner more when you learn about the country he was been born in ;)

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