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Urgent - Poland's National Visa Expiry and 90-days Visa-free Travel

Canada50 1 | 2  
8 Feb 2018 /  #1

Background info: I'm a Canadian student studying in Poland. I have a Polish National Visa which will expire on 17 Feb, 2018. I'm graduating this year and my plan is to leave Poland (with no plans to return) at the end of April 2018.

Question: Do I need to physically leave Poland (EU) before 17 Feb and return for the 90-days visa-free to renew? Or will it renew automatically (so I don't have to leave EU and come back)?

I asked this question from one of the border guards when I was travelling earlier. I don't think he understood my question.

Can someone please give me a clear response to my question? I'm not able to find any information on this online.

O WELL - | 150  
8 Feb 2018 /  #2
You certainly will have to re enter the EU. Go to Ukraine and come back after 3/4 days, usually guards don't say anything depending on your attitude. I have never heard a case where an Canadian is refused entry yes if you overstay the fine could be upto 1000 euros and usually they don't ban entry if the fine is paid. Then again they do have the right to refuse entry, ban or deport you if you overstay
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
9 Feb 2018 /  #3
Can someone please give me a clear response to my question?

When your visa expires, you'll be automatically given a 90 day visa-free period in Schengen. It's automatic, though if you want to reassure yourself, cross the external Schengen border and come straight back. But there's no need - you'll get that extra 90 day period .
OP Canada50 1 | 2  
11 Feb 2018 /  #4
Thanks for your reply. I was speaking to one of my friends about this. He was saying that I will get 90-days visa-free travel as long as my first entry was over 180 days ago. In my case, I entered Poland with my current visa in Feb 2017.

I'm still worried a little bit and I want to put my mind at ease. Could you please guide me to a website or resource where I can find info about automatic renewal of 90days after visa expiry?
O WELL - | 150  
11 Feb 2018 /  #5
Dude just take all your visa papers etc and do a visa run to Ukraine.Only safe way to play it.If the guard questions you explain him politely and respectfully that you were on a visa in Poland and now you coming as visitor to travel(never say visitor to do business chores etc,as a in US they deport people who come as visitors from visa free countries to give lectures or do any kind of business activity,lately a european professor was almost deported but presidents office got involved since he was very influential prof)
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
11 Feb 2018 /  #6
I'm still worried a little bit and I want to put my mind at ease.

In that case, go visit the Stra┼╝ Granicnza and get them to confirm it. You can also call them, but it might be easier just to visit them as you're in Warsaw anyway.

You can go here -,Komenda-Glowna-Strazy-Granicznej.html - but I think it would be better to go here -,Kontakt.html - as they have territorial responsibility for operational matters in Warsaw.
OP Canada50 1 | 2  
12 Feb 2018 /  #7
Thanks for your help guys. I called Stra┼╝ Granicnza (Polish Border Guard). I explained my situation to him exactly as I described in this thread. He said I can stay in Poland after my visa expires and the 90-days renews automatically. Meaning that I don't need to leave Poland and come back.

Thanks again for the help!
Lincolnpesident - | 1  
5 Sep 2019 /  #8
I'm an American with currently an expired visa but I don't know what to do... it literally expired yesterday however I have boot a flight out of the country in 2 days. Will I be fined or banned? I entered poland when my visa was 1 day old. So technically after 1 year is my 90days free travel still in effect?

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