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US Tourist Visa for a Polish Student in London

CrystarKlear 1 | 1
4 Jul 2011 #1
Hi there,

I'm 19 and have lived in London for 11 years. I live with my mom, who supports me financially. I am a student, and am starting a degree here in September. I would like to visit a friend of mine in the US this year, for about a week, but I heard that getting a visa can be a pretty difficult process, as the consul automatically assumes that I will go there to overstay my visa and work.

Overall I think my case looks good - I am a student in London starting a 2 year course here this year, living with my parent, and everything I have is here, which of course I can prove. I am wondering if anyone else have been successful with this? Maybe in a similar situation to myself.

allstar91 - | 7
4 Jul 2011 #2
If you've lived in london for 11 years i assume that you moved there before 2004 meaning that you must be a residency permit/ british citizenship holder (how else would you legalize your stay in uk?)

If you have a dual citizenship (polish-british) then u dont need a tourist visa because you can use your british passport when travellin to US. If the case is different, u shld gather all the documents proving that you have no intention to stay abroad. If you're not granted a visa then apply for a british citizenship and you wont need to worry bout the visas. Good luck
OP CrystarKlear 1 | 1
4 Jul 2011 #3
Yes! My mom actually has a permit from when we moved here, I'm wondering if that could make me getting a visa easier?
allstar91 - | 7
4 Jul 2011 #4
I guess that could help.. I'd bring a permit, a letter from the university, a bank statement showing that you can afford the trip, anything proving that you're willing to go back to your country after a visit in us. there are lots of immigrations forums where u can find more info n seek professional help. good luck

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