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Polish TV in the USA?

11 Nov 2006 #1
Hello to every one .

When I was in chicago 2 months ago I got to see a few polish sitcoms.
One was called nanny i think its Nanja in polish. It was funny anyone ever see it.
I love to get a dvd of the whole season,.

Also there was another sitcom my cousin rented seemed very popular and I know my mom watched it a lot.
Its about a couple who ownes a hotel and they have different things that happen in the hotel with the guests. There was one with the mob and one with trying to get a families soon back from a cult.

I have not ever seen or heard of any polish Tv or Radio stations in Los angeles .
Post me some if you know of any good ones. Please
krysia 23 | 3,058
11 Nov 2006 #2
You can Polish satelite TV from Dish Network. It's about $30.00/month, you get 4 Polish channels, and there is also a Polish Movie Channel for a little more.

Also you can get TV Polonia from the internet, where for $6.99/month you get movies, Polish sitcoms, news and other stuff.
OP kryzs
11 Nov 2006 #3
Dzien dobry Krysia

So have you ever heard of the Polish sitcon Nanja.. (nanny)

Its pretty funny
krysia 23 | 3,058
11 Nov 2006 #4
Ya, I saw it. Niania. Funny, just like the Nanny
OP kryzs
11 Nov 2006 #5
Hi Krysia.

Do you remember the email address for the sitcom by chance.

I would like to check it out on the internet..

There are no video stores I know of in Long beach Ca I could rent them at..

In chicago it seems like there all over the place. All kinds of polish movies and sitcoms..
16 Nov 2006 #6
Polish TV?


It's got to be among the crappiest in the world. So formal, so unrelaxed, so uncool. Makes me want to bite the head off a chicken.
28 Jan 2007 #7
check out the UK, you can watch for free 5 Polish channels over the internet. see you.
28 Jan 2007 #8
did do

you get the listings for the two channels TVP Kultura and TV Polonia but the other three channels show no listings which are TVP3 Regionalna // 4 Fun TV // Polsat 2 so you cant really tell what is on them :(

you can register and join or just browse :)
1 Feb 2007 #9
It's a shame Polish actors can't act.
Otherwise Polish TV might be OK.

It might be OK if they had some decent script-writers, but they haven't.

So I'm afraid all round,

Polish TV is crap...
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544
1 Feb 2007 #10
Stop watching Polish soap operas. People that play in them aren’t even worth to be called actors. The same as in the UK. :)
LoneStranger 3 | 382
3 Feb 2007 #11
Polish soap operas

yuk...YUK YUK YUK :S:S:S....ewwwww :S....:)
3 Feb 2007 #12
Polish soap operas

never had the pleasure of viewing any :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #13
In my opinion, the Polish soap operas are better than American ones. In the stupid "General Hospital" and others, all they do is fight, argue, cheat and they act bad. Polish actors look more natural and they don't raise their voices but try to logically explain things.

But this is only my opinion.
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Feb 2007 #14
General Hospital"

AS the world turns,,lol remember Dark Shadows??????
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #15
Edge of Night, All My Children...
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Feb 2007 #16
lets make our own soap opera...... i`ll be the villian:)
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #17
We'll call it "The Polish Forum".
I'll be the undercover FBI Agent.
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Feb 2007 #18
I'll be the undercover FBI Agent.

when you catch me will you beat a confession out of me?:)
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #19
Oh, I will catch you, that's for sure, but I'll be using other tactics to get information out of you... hahahaha...if you know what I mean...:)
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Feb 2007 #20
maybe we can have a screen test..rehearsal.....:)
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #21
NOW? I might freeze out there!
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Feb 2007 #22
Dont worry I`ll keep you warm:) :) :) :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #23
inside and out?
sledz 23 | 2,248
3 Feb 2007 #24
But of course moja ksiezna
kaka 1 | 142
3 Feb 2007 #25
one of the best series in Poland: Oficer. about policmens
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Feb 2007 #26
I like "M jak Miłość". I like Kuba. he's soooooooooooooocute!! And he's a cop too!
kaka 1 | 142
3 Feb 2007 #27
I dont watch M jak miłość. I used to watch it but it's getting warser and warser.. not to mentioned Klan
helicon20 - | 1
27 Mar 2010 #28
If you like watch polish tv I have 16 channels
TV Polonia
History-( lektor czyta)
Boomerang / Cartoon Network/TCM)
mozna ogladac na czas Polski wszystkie
na EST 12 kanalow
na CST 12 kanalow
stacje radiowe
box 200 $
miesiecznie 50$
jednorazowa oplata za aktywacje(twoj password i login) 50$
mam to juz ponad dwa lata i jestem bardzo zadowolony no i moja zona tez
Dziala zawsze legalna 100% subskrypcja
Potrzebny TV, Box, internet/router
mozesz ogladac wszedzie gdzie jest dostep do internetu
I can help you get those channels
10 Oct 2010 #29
can you give me the info on how to get these channels
24 Apr 2011 #30
How do we sign up for this
Can we watch during daytime in Eastern United States?
Please tell us more

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