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Why are Polish restaurants not successful in the USA?

convex 20 | 3,978
18 Aug 2011 #601
Are you sure it's the food? Like I've said; time, price, etc.

Decent reviews as well.

I'm still convinced that the reason you don't see more is the same reason that you don't see an abundance of German/British/Swiss/Czech places...
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
18 Aug 2011 #602
German/British/Swiss/Czech places...

And why is that? Certain food takes time and not very well suited for takeout where you can call in your order, drive there, pick it up, drive back and eat it all in a half an hour time frame you have for lunch.
18 Aug 2011 #603
I wrote this :

over the years of Poland being a country highly degraded by the jewish owned media average uneducated Americans don`t have a positive attitude towards anything, which is Polish .

But you hillbilly twisted my words and "wisely" concluded :

kooks and moon howlers who appear from time to time.most of whom inevetably start to talk about jewish conspiracies at some point.

I f**ck jewish conspiracy I just realise about enormous media bashing of our country.

Another person asked me :

That seems like a pretty good chance for you to tell people about the varied dishes that are eaten in Poland...


My answer is : I ve had plenty of varied dishes this week , but what does it have in common with this thread ? May I know ?

For your curiosity I can say, that I mostly eat Polish dishes, because I like Polish food which I regard as to be the most varied and rich , with its specific flavors added by fresh dill, marjoram , parsley , wild muschrooms , nutmeg and other spices which I add to everything I prepare depending on the dish, which makes my food not bland, but spicy ( this is what I like ) . I use vegeta instead of salt , so my food doesnt get salty . When I cook as simple dish as mashed potatos , for example ,I make it so tasty that I am sure everyone would give only positive comments about my cooking . I add lots of sour cream , butter, some vegeta , fresh cut dill , and then such simple food becomes heaven for your tastes . So , I think everything depends on the skills of the cook .
sascha 1 | 826
18 Aug 2011 #604
i order one of your meals with maybe 3 or 4 courses through the internet. delivery immediately? ;)
18 Aug 2011 #605
I would do it for you , but just don`t know how I could manage to deliver it , lol.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
18 Aug 2011 #606
If Polish food was more available, more people would eat it.

It is true that Poles are indeed the largest group of Slavs in the USA and Polish restaurants are rare in the USA and Russian and other Slavic, and Hungarian, restaurants are even rarer. Perhaps it is a legacy of the Cold War in America. As other world cuisines were being introduced into America, Polish restaurants served "enemy cuisine" and the American stereotype of the Eastern Block as a place of shoddy goods and poor food still attaches to the idea of going to eat Polish food. Perhaps another part of the explanation is that Poles in the USA are just not as inclined to becoming restaurateurs as the members of other ethnicities with more prominence in the market. It would be nice if someone could come onto this thread with actual statistics showing how many Polish restaurants have started up and how many succeeded, as it stands now many posters are assuming that there aren't alot of Polish Restaurants in the USA because alot of Polish restaurateurs have tried and failed because of their food. It may well be that there are not alot of Polish restaurants in the USA because there haven't been many that started up in the first place.
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
18 Aug 2011 #607
Polka in LA

Great clip, and great food...I have two Polish restaurants about 5 minutes from where I work, and the food is quite good, BUT THEY KEEP EARLY HOURS!...They're not open for dinner!...They still do a decent business, as one is also a good sized market, but if they had management that was more committed, they would do great...Once people try good Polish cooking, they LIKE IT!

I also have a produce market, operated by a BelaRussian, about a block away, and they have many imported Polish items like the aforementioned Vegeta, they have beet salads, Hungarian vegetable salad, Polish cheese & butter, and many juices from Poland and the Ukraine (also a brand of Polish pasta that is quite good quality)...They do very well with everyone from Eastern Europeans to African-Americans to Latinos.
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
18 Aug 2011 #608
Holy ****! Go to Google maps and Google Polish restaurant Chicago area, see all those red dots on the map, now do the same for NY, Miami, Denver, etc. Not much in LA but quite a few in San Diego, Someone is lying, OP must live in a one horse town, the last train that stopped there must have been at a turn of the last century to pick up some manure, he sure knows how to spread it, I’ll trust Google, thank you very much as the Yanks are nothing more than bunch of Liars.

So FUZZ, where the hell do you live? I took you at your word but that’s just not the case is it? Unless Google’s lying.
18 Aug 2011 #609
SHT wrote:

So FUZZ, where the hell do you live?

da sowf.

put that in your Google and smoke it.
f stop 25 | 2,513
18 Aug 2011 #610
Vegeta is an embarassment to Polish cooking. Horrible stuff!
I can understand taking shortcuts when in a hurry, but don't list it as an example of your fine Polish cooking. Same as using chicken bullion cubes instead of home made stock.

Learn how to use spices, instead of spooning that sht in!
Here are the ingredients in Vegeta:
salt 56%
dehydrated vegetables 15.5 % (carrot, parsnip, onions, celery, parsley leaves)
flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate max. 15%, disodium inosinate)
riboflavin (for coloring)
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
18 Aug 2011 #611
put that in your Google and smoke it.

I’ll have some of what you’re having, it must be some powerful stuff, your hallucinations are obvious.
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
18 Aug 2011 #612
Sheeet,I feel sorry for you guys,there is a Polish pub /restaurant and a Polish fast food place 10 miles from me :)
I go to both in winter but in summer,nah,the food is just not designed for the weather of even an English summer :)
But,its got to be said, from all my times in Poland I dont have many memories of many "Polish" restaurants TBH unless you count the milk bar I ate in in Ochota once just for the experience,my Polish mate wanted Pizza from next door .....,even that posh old traditional one in Krakow Rynek wasnt exactly Polish in its menu.
f stop 25 | 2,513
19 Aug 2011 #613
Polish fast food place

what do they serve?
pgtx 30 | 3,156
19 Aug 2011 #614
Polish fast food would be zapiekanki?
ShawnH 8 | 1,507
19 Aug 2011 #615
f stop: flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate max. 15%, disodium inosinate)

There are versions that are MSG free. The better half insists on MSG free.
f stop 25 | 2,513
19 Aug 2011 #616
I used to use all kinds of pre-made spice mixes, when I didn't know how to cook. Now I enjoy developing the flavors from fresh vegetables and herbs. That Vegeta, in my opinion, is an unfortunate development in Polish cuisine.
19 Aug 2011 #617
pgtx wrote:

Polish fast food would be zapiekanki?

let's be honest, there's nothing Polish per se about zapiekanki.
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Aug 2011 #618
Polish food which I regard as to be the most varied and rich

I make it so tasty that I am sure everyone would give only positive comments about my cooking .

Do I see here a bit of exaggeration?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Aug 2011 #619
We need to see more 'we say ..... in Poland' for this food. It wouls show awareness that other countries basically have the same foods in their national cookery books.
valpomike 11 | 197
19 Aug 2011 #620
If you check, you will find, VEGETA, is not a item from Poland, or made there.

f stop 25 | 2,513
19 Aug 2011 #622
If you check, you will find, VEGETA, is not a item from Poland, or made there.

it doesn't matter where it is made. Many Poles think it's so fantastic, they put it in just about everything they cook.
19 Aug 2011 #623
There is a historical city in northern Michigan named Cross Village, and there is a Polish restaurant... the city is Native American. The founder was a Polish settler and the restaurant is still in business. I've been there before, GREAT Polish food. Lots of customers too.

( if you want more info)
f stop 25 | 2,513
20 Aug 2011 #624
I've been trying to introduce my friends to Polish food. Last month they found my stuffed cabbage too bland. Last night I made it again, this time with green chile sauce. They must have liked it, because at the end of the night it was all gone. Is that fussion?
rybnik 18 | 1,461
20 Aug 2011 #625
Is that fussion?

Yes it is! :) chile sauce?
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
20 Aug 2011 #626
Is that fussion?

Sounds like a successful culinary experiment, good for you, not afraid to bring in a new flavor. My gf makes a nice peppery tomato sauce to go with, which I find to be a good combination and bring it up a notch. Is it a sauce you’re talking about? To pour it over, something like Salsa Verde or did you mixed it in the stuffing itself?
f stop 25 | 2,513
20 Aug 2011 #627
It was a sauce made with some fatty pork, a hole bunch of home grown mild green chilies, tomatoes, onions, garlic, some flour, lot of ground cumin, a little oregano, salt, cayenne and black pepper, simmered for hours. Served on the side, to be poured over the stuffed cabbage.

I've had some spectacular misses in the past, but this was definitely a hit.
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
20 Aug 2011 #628
this was definitely a hit.

Sounds delicious, do share; complete recipe please. :))
convex 20 | 3,978
20 Aug 2011 #629
That's exactly what I'm getting at. Use the basics, and *ahem* liven it up a bit. Sounds really good :)
ShortHairThug - | 1,103
20 Aug 2011 #630
What makes ethnic food ethnic is the combination of spices you use to get that distinct flavor that suits the palate; her fusion is more up your alley, something along the Tex-Mex flavor you’re craving, which makes it interesting IMO.

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