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Poles in Buffalo, NY

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 Feb 2012 #2
Check out:
Baacon - | 46
3 Oct 2012 #3
Merged: Moving to Buffalo, NY. Any Polish neighbours?

Hello. I'm wondering if anyone here lives in Buffalo, NY and if there are PL neighborhoods. Here in NJ, I can get everything I need, but not sure about up there. Does anyone have knowledge of this area?

Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
3 Oct 2012 #4
Buffalo has a a huge Polonian population. A resident of Buffalo once told me that the city is practically run by Polish-Americans
Baacon - | 46
3 Oct 2012 #5
Great. Thank you Des Essientes
OP Jerome_buffalo 3 | 6
3 Oct 2012 #6
largest population of polish are in Depew,Lacaster and Cheektowaga.
Baacon - | 46
4 Oct 2012 #7
Thanks Jerome. I'll probably be living in Tonawanda
smurf 39 | 1,979
12 Oct 2012 #9
Buffalo forum is here:

Do some people even read the URL of this website?
JimmyH 1 | 21
14 Oct 2012 #10
They make great pizza in Buffalo.
mochadot18 17 | 245
19 Nov 2014 #11
Buffalo, New York - snowiest place in the US

ya know no big deal or anything
WarszawaWilf 1 | 4
23 Feb 2016 #12
We also have a decent population of Polish folk in North Tonawanda
Jardinero 1 | 405
24 Feb 2016 #13
Not many Poles there nowadays; they're just Americans of nth generation Polish descent... but many of them do seem to continue some of their forefathers' traditions...

BTW Have you seen Buffalo '66?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
24 Feb 2016 #14
Not many Poles

Not if you define a Pole as someone from Poland, but Buffalo and vicinity is teeming with PolAms, Ampols, Polonian or Americans of Polish ancestry, descent or heritage.

I hope you do not share the skewed notion of one particularly obnoxious poster (temporarily on extended leave from PF) that a scrap of paper, not cultural awareness, heritage or DNA, determines a person's nationality.

Please focus on the thread and not on other posters.
mochadot18 17 | 245
4 May 2016 #15
If any of you have actually been to Buffalo for dyngus day then one would know that there are not many true Polish people. No one actually knows more than maybe 5 words. If you ask around if people are from Poland or of Polish decent many will say no, they are just there to drink. While it was fun, especially getting free drinks for actually being from Poland. Its not like everyone in buffalo is polish, yes a larger community than in Rochester.

Jardinero, i definitely agree with what you said many nth generation poles there.
Ironside 52 | 11,774
5 May 2016 #16
Buffalo shrimp - lovely.

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