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To leave the USA for a better life in Poland or not?

marki24 1 | 1
2 Nov 2015 #1
Hello Everyone.

My name is Marek and I have been really thinking of going back to Poland for good after living in the USA for 30 years. How is the work economy looking for fluent speaking English Polish natives in Poland.
kpc21 1 | 763
2 Nov 2015 #2
It would be good if you specified the field you are going to work in, what your experience is etc. Otherwise, we can only guess about your chances on the job market. Fluent English speaking is an advantage, but you have still a lot of competition. It's rather difficult to find a job without any knowledge of English.

In the States it's most probably still much better in economical terms.
2 Nov 2015 #3
When you say A better life be absolutely sure you are clear in your own mind what you want . Have you been in Poland often enough to see it clearly ? Are you seeing the dream of Poland as you imagine it ?
OP marki24 1 | 1
2 Nov 2015 #4
I am not planning on living the american dream in Poland. Currently, I am a social worker in the USA. Obviously, I won't be able to find a job in that field. Even with my Masters in the USA working in this field does not pay much. I really value family as we do not have anyone here. It's just my wife, and our two children 4 yrs and 6 yrs. We do have a place to stay at its not big only 42 meters in Wroclaw. I am planning of buying something in Warszawa Wilanow. So lets say that there is not mortgage expenses how much would you need to earn a month to support a family of 4? I am not planning to live luxury live because I do not live it here in the the USA.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
2 Nov 2015 #5
Obviously, I won't be able to find a job in that field.

How old are you? Depending on the field and expertise, 40+ might already be a problem.
2 Nov 2015 #6
Visit first so you know what you are getting into.

Things don't work smoothly like they do in the USA.
Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #7
Relocating to Poland is a problem. Your age will prevent you from employment and the Poles are the biggest bigots in Europe. Try anyplace, but Poland.
Siloo Kapadia 1 | 3
17 Nov 2016 #8
Deekra (dear), We went to USA for a better life from India and FINALLY after 20 years woke up and realized that NOTHING was getting better but everything was getting worse. Absolutely consider leaving USA. Poland is not so bad and in fact can be quite nice. I know Polish people in USA that left for Poland and have not regretted their decision.

The election of Trump is only going to make things worse (as if things to GET worse) in USA. Time to make a move while you still can!
Crow 160 | 9,400
17 Nov 2016 #9
Only wise one would leave USA and come to Poland. Much better perspective in Poland.
forinfan - | 13
17 Nov 2016 #10
Poland is a great place to live most of the time and in most places (a few spots are still dreadfully stuck in the past, but you can avoid them easily enough). Overall, if you have great job potential (doctor, lawyer, executive or high-level manager with a foreign firm) you will probably love it. Those people seem to not have a care in the world here, mainly because they think it's cheap. However, anything that would be considered to offer an average to poor salary in the USA means you'll struggle a lot here even to find work, and especially to get enough to support a family. Second, the politics in Poland right now are as coarse or worse than in America and it's not likely to improve, in part because Poland's institutions and media are far weaker (younger, untested, easily bypassed). The economy has been improving for a long time now and will do so for a little bit longer, mainly because of EU funds and foreign investment, but the future is one of it slipping rapidly, in part because of those politics (overspending, mismanagement) and the rapid shift towards multi-nationals and large firms. So far, there's still a good mix, but the direction is clear (more chain stores and fewer small businesses, meaning a major middle-class squeeze). And housing prices, wow, are they are flying up. Finally, the weather. You don't have a real choice. I guess you can have a bit of salty air or mountain air, but it's cold for 3-4 months a year and darker than most US latitudes. If you don't like that, you should reconsider. Some people really hate it. I don't want to discourage you, especially if you have family here, but Americans should consider it only if they come over with money or good prospects, or for a limited time. There are lots of expats here, so you'll have plenty of company. As others have said, come with your eyes open and make an informed decision.
jalleluja123 2 | 6
6 May 2017 #11
Be aware that there is a lot of air pollution in cities during winter, in towns like Krakow. People still use coal to heat homes because natural gas or electricity is too expensive. And often the kind of coal used, is cheap, poor quality imported from Ukraine. My relatives in Chicago just came back from Poland and complained about the air.

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