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trying to leave Poland with a traffic ticket

16 Jun 2013 /  #1
Hey guys I have to leave Poland to come back to the states soon and I haven't paid a traffic ticket I got a few months back yet and plan on doing it later but I was wondering if they would stop me from leaving at the airport?
16 Jun 2013 /  #2
Yes. There's a high chance that you've been taken to court in absentia for not paying the ticket and there might very well be a warrant out for your arrest.

Go to the police station and sort it out.
16 Jun 2013 /  #3
No, no one will stop you. Just go.
16 Jun 2013 /  #4
Delph is right on this one. It's just not worth the worry. Get it sorted out.
16 Jun 2013 /  #5
I wouldn't dare - I know that they used to pull people (pre-Schengen) for things like this on the land border, so it stands to reason that they would do it on the air border.

I doubt he'll have any problems if he just goes to the police station and asks to sort it out - a bigger fine, but no problems as such.
17 Jun 2013 /  #6
They will only stop you if there is a specific warrant issued. If there is, you may have to spend a little time locked up while they sort the paperwork. Remember that bureaucracy here is slow, inefficient and corrupt. If there is no warrant issued you will have no problem, even if the fine shows on their system against your passport.
Wroclaw Boy  
17 Jun 2013 /  #7
I had a ticket about 7 year ago and just chucked it in the bin as my car was UK registered, ive flown a few times and no probs.
17 Jun 2013 /  #8
I got a ticket some years ago while ignoring the pedestrian red light (streets were completely empty). Got fined 100 PLN, Did not pay, but they caught up with me when one year later my bank informed that they had to block my bank account on order of Warsaw City Administration unless I would pay.

In retrospect not fair, because so many crazies on the roads and nobody bothers them.

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