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Cheap Shipping to Poland from the US?

stashme 1 | -
14 Aug 2012 #1
Hello - I am moving to Poland for some studies and need to ship a box to Krakow from Boston. Does anyone know a cheap way of doing it? It will be mostly clothing items and everyday things, about 40 lbs. Any help would be hugely appreciated!!
MoOli 9 | 480
15 Aug 2012 #2
why dont you take that as an xtra luggage with ur airlines if u have enough baggage,I dont know maybe maybe cuz im a frequent flier and am allowed xtra baggae
pantsless 1 | 267
15 Aug 2012 #3
There are dozens of Polish-American companies that ship from the US to PL. The cheapest is by sea, should run you about $50, but it's slow, about 3-6 weeks. Air freight takes up to a week or two, but's its twice as expensive.
11 Apr 2014 #4
Merged: Cheap but reliable shipping company needed to ship items from Warsaw to the US

Does anyone know of a cheap but reliable shipping company to ship boxes of personal items (or to ship in quantities of pallets) from Warsaw back to the US? Have any of you used the company Euro Shipping before?
Tlum 10 | 156
2 Jun 2014 #5 and deal with shippings between the US and Poland; they probably do it two ways, you may contact them.

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