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Shipping boxes / stuff from Poland to USA

20 Apr 2009 /  #1
Does anyone know who I can contact about shipping stuff from Poland to USA?
I know people ship cars from US to Poland so there must be a way of shipping a few boxes (ok about 50 )the other way round. Would it be from Gdynia or Szczecin

all the way to Houston or any other route?
22 Apr 2009 /  #2
try relocation services such as:

There are still a lot of other companies here in Poland that provides such services.

more movers :
6 Mar 2011 /  #3
Merged: Shipping from Poland to the USA (not worried about the speed)

I am returning to the US next Saturday and I need to ship 2 or 3 boxes home.

Does anyone know the best way to do this. It's mostly books and cloths. The less I have to carry and take through customs the better.

I know of Polish Post, UPS, and DHL.

I am not really worried about shipping speed.
11 Mar 2011 /  #4
Maybe you can call Polamer in Poland and find out the nearest location? It is in Polish. Hopefully, somebody in Poland can help you with that.
31 Mar 2011 /  #5
How much cargo (dims/weight) do you have? Perhaps we can help you.
4 Jul 2011 /  #6
Merged: MOVING BACK TO USA/ need help with shipping our stuff

We just packed up few months ago and came to Poland to spend a year with my family. We used great company (cheap) to send stuff to Poland. Now, after just 3 months we have to go back due to medical emergency. Mu Hubby is already there, now I have to pack EVERYTHING back up and send it somehow to US. Post office is VERY expensive. Would you know about any company that could help us? We live in Gdynia, dont know where to go but maybe on the ship? but where to go, who to ask?

will appreciate any suggestions
thank you in advance
23 Jul 2011 /  #7
Sorry can't help you - but I was wondering what company you used to ship your stuff from the US to Gdynia?
28 Jul 2012 /  #8
There is a company called Pol-Am ,i think based out of Chicago.I use them to send stuff to Poland but i think they may also provide service the opposite way.Hope it helps.
4 Mar 2015 /  #9
Merged: Finding someone in Poland to help ship something to the US

I'm trying to order something from a Polish website but they won't ship internationally. Does anyone have an idea how I might get these items shipped to the USA?
5 Mar 2015 /  #10


Have got perhaps 10 boxes (say about 40cm x 40 cm x 30 cm) of clothes and books and other personal items I'd like to ship back to the US from Szczecin. Figure about 10 - 20 kilo per box. Any ideas about the best and/or cheapest way to ship them safely to the USA? Secure shipping is important but speed of transit not an issue -- I don't care if they take two months to get back. Any relevant company names would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have used UPS and DHL to ship boxes from Poland to the US.
1 Aug 2015 /  #11
Merged: Cheapest way to ship from Poland to USA

Looking for the cheapest way to ship my stuff from poland to USA since i will be moving back to New York

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