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Ottawa Poles

percy 1 | 3
3 Jun 2008 #1
Any Poles here from Ottawa? Ottawa has a fairly active Polonia (although I'm not part of it), there's even a "Polish House" where Polish cultural events are held. There are several Polish delis (only place I buy my bread).

Anyways, I'd be curious to know if there are any Poles here from Ottawa. If there are we can have a discussion about Poland and Ottawa and then we should get beer :)
Andrew78 - | 97
3 Jun 2008 #2
No im in UK,but i wanna move to Canada.
24 Feb 2019 #3
Don't move to Canada unless you have like service type of business... employment and unions are very ****** and you wont be able to make it big.. I know polish dude makes a lot of money selling constriction services.. I don't see it a place where you can make tech company or anything cooperate.. it's a failed state no good networking, bad vibes and cheap population...

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