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An U.S. lawyer who hates Polish people. Here is an honest question for you guys

PolishUltras 7 | 60
26 Aug 2017 #1
How would you feel if you were Polish in America and for whatever reason had a lawyer who instead of defending you after being paid (and where all you did was either restrain somebody or did a little bit more than that but not much or were outnumbered and surrounded and did what you had to do basically you were not caught for gangsterism, distributing drugs or weapon trafficking) and the guy laughed at you, made jokes. talked about plea bargains right away and instead of defending you he defended trash from their country, their society their xenophobic way of life of blue collar white people in america who call cops if they dont get their way, and instead of defending you or doing investigations with private investigators he talked about working with da and trying to convince da youre a good guy, and basically made you as your own lawyer seems like the bad guy and defended the dirt or trash from that saadam and gomorah country and city of santa cruz? how would you feel? esp than living with animals who fight like animals with. o rules, biting, scratching, etc. and for restraining someone with a normal move everyone knows about called the rear naked choke had to live in those subhuman conditions with animals for three years. how would you feel? than being punished extra by their country by being pit in an immigration faculty for two and a half months after signing on day one that you wanted to by choice be deported back to Poland? how would you feel about their country right now?

by the way that lawyers name is George Grigarjian and he works out of Santa Cruz, CA in case you wanted to familiarize yourself with someone who hates Polish people and sells them out while defending Mexican gangbangers on a dialy basis and usa good old boys he supports. and someone who works with the da instead of oppose from day one who took 20k from my mom in two cases.

just type in google: george grigarjian santa cruz lawyer

you will see his pic right away, hes armenian descent.

by the way for those of you who dont know how it works in the way I do (I know their system inside out from top to bottom by now and hence where my cynism and pessimism comes from of having even a slight chance or any chance once they touch you in fatc once one cop touches you its ober, nod efense, no case no fight just you being guilty with their lies inlcuded from top to bottom cops lawyers etc.) the reaosn my mom hired this guy twice was because he bamboozled her, made her feel like hes armenian and from same block and will help me, etc. and i had bo choice because i was grabbed and incarcerated and not yet bailed so i had no choice in who i speak to (as even finding lawyers or their numbers from within jail is hard as they dont answer because they have to accept collect much of the time esp the good ones). in fact they grabbed me with my cell phone and never even returned it even after i took a plea desl until i was being transferred to prison. they dont even give you a chance, o phone, no communication unless youre bailed and even then its eays to make. istake and hire someone like this if you dont know their country or even their county or city and most of the, are trash and liers and defend gang trash over you for being Polish.

oh and theyre all actord if they czn make money off you and incarcerate you thye all will be great actors. for instance in my case they had to research the rear nakid choke in and out, and how supposedly dangerous of a move it is, it really was like a move out of some foreign script or s bruce lee movie for them they acted like they all never heard of it or seen a single ufc match, all those das, lawyers, etc.

with a quick google search just now i think i found his latest arrest (the white gypsy who i just did four years in prison over for bamboozling the cops, lawyer and da i was the bad guy):

"Ralph N. Luciano, 53, Hot Springs, pleaded not guilty to felony stalking. An omnibus hearing is set for July 30; a jury trial is set to start Sept. 21.

On March 26 a woman called 911 to report that Luciano parked next to her at Walmart and then followed her into the store. He was under a court order to stay 500 feet away from the woman at all times. Luciano told the officer he did have a permanent order of protection against him, but he felt it did not apply in public places."

this is the gypsy guy i believe as the lawyer said and cops after arrets who were lying he was in hospital that he was in montana and his age seems about right, he had like 14 kids and some other arrests and gypsy/cygan tricks like a battery of elderly woman who never pressed and a warrant for assault with weapon out of san diego county. this is hwo they gave me four yrs for a restraint move rear naked choke. how would you other polaks feel about america and what happened if that happened to you? four yrs for this pile of garbage with that lawyer after this gypsy came at me and i finished him with one move called the rnc. four years!!!!!

edit its got to be him because i remember he was like 51 when i fought him in june of 2014 when i was arrested and actually went to the cops to try explaining sit ustion and them lying to me and putting me in handcuffs right away for my history (like this guy doesnt have one) being young and polish (foreign to them and their way of life in america).
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
26 Aug 2017 #2
if you guys help me dig into him i guarantee its same guy, he had a case for assualt pending out pf san diego county and an unsolved assault of elderly woman he was tkaing care of who never pressed charges (unlike this snitch coward who wanted the fight snd got more than he bargained for from a real polish ultra). he was trying to use his kids as shields putting them on his shoulders as he tslked **** to me to lure me into greater charges but i found him alone at the point in snata cruz the next morning and he saw me as i approach and asked him "so now do you want to talk?" and put his phone down amd charged me.

this is him 100%:

apparently he goes by name raphael. this is who i did four yrs for fighting in umerics. i think the coward hid his profile now because i out him on blast.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
26 Aug 2017 #3
here is how he looked like when he was talking crap to me and provoking me and threw a skateboard near me as he kept putitng one of his older sons on his back to get me to hurt his own kids:

thats before the coward after getting served one on one went to cops after his wife called he went with it or manuevered it possibly where he called an hour later after all original witnesses of him charging at me were gone. hes probably a pedophile too, just look at that pic he posted. by the way he had one hot daughter way too old for her age the way she acted and dressed which in a way turned me on but as i found out the way he was abusing and treating his kids it turned from me saying hello to his daughter once in a while to ke wanting to fuk him up, and when he started adting that way it eventually happened to the coward.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
27 Aug 2017 #4
lol i was at like the lowest level protective custody prisons (i didnt want to have to continue fighting or dealing with gang bangers or gang wars as i already proved all that and paid for it dearly just standing up for myself in california and being a man and just wanted to go to normal life and i alreadyad the taste or what punishment for violence in claifornia means even though it wad reslly defense or restraint I did) and it was still ****** up, I ended up being at a private prison called desert view mccf at end where they had an art progrsm and i ordered art supplies from blick and they let ppl order new and used books from amazon and cds. but i ended up being in like nine fights before i ended up there in the private prison including county jail and that was me trying to be on my best behavior, not get write ups, do my time, etc. every unit and literally every cell which generally level 2 were eight men pods had one ******* or dick trying to run shet and ounk people and harass and it was **** men. they literally treated it like their home.

they cleaned all day and complained about every little thing and looked for additional problems or people most differnet from them or their looks (like if youre a bit normal, no tatoos, some education your kinda fuked and have to fight a lot even in pc or sny there ror ally is no protection its all gang bangers including droped out onces are same bro and they all gang up) and because i was so afraid of i juring someone like doing an arm abr and breaking something or breaking a tooth or jaw or nose, cause a single gbi charge carries three yrs and i hated it in there so much every time I fought I had to hold back and try to calm them out of it after i either got them well with a combo and throw or we were tired or they started losing i would say "are you done?" or "have you had enough" pete i literally could write a book about this **** i know the system inside and out now lol.

if i never hit that desert viewi probably would have had to fight like 13 times total in three yrs lol. only reason no one fought there is they had cameras everywhere, gos or cops who are private security everywhere in every unit (it was big dorm so no privacy whatsoever or eight man pods) and they love to press charges there and hit people with das there. one guy got eight yrs for a mutual combat in kitchen i heard because the other guy fell and hit his head and didnt even want to press charges but the da in that high desert area still picked it up. basically it was a no go prison. but theprevious one i was at corcoran satf level 2 had a bunch of trash from other prison no one wanted and short timers they moved there cause a whole new yard opened up (yard f) and a bunch of gays were there. it was so uncomfortable guys. A bunch of open gays wueens and trannies walking around, whistling at you, or just weird vibe.
OP PolishUltras 7 | 60
27 Aug 2017 #5
the cops were nightmares too i almost fought them multiple times but was so afraid of charges not even of them gang rushing me with batoons and pepper spray after. i actually was in hole in san quentin...

they would do their roll call morning adternoon and evening gang chants there but everyone went to exercise yard in cages and would inquire about you hit you up etc... I only went once on that yard lol. u had to sit there like four hrs u couldnt just go for an hr and come back

the reception area san quentin cells were so small you could almost strech your arms from one side to other in width the top bunk had a cage near it u would hit when turning it was easy to fall down at night on concrete when sleeping.

the cops they hire to work. at sq were all black and most ex nfl players or huge *******. I remember one name Jordan. he would wake us all up and rattle in morning on wall and yell at philipino nurse on first tier or ground floor. there were five tiers but five was empty when i was there.

the second or third night i got to san quentin it was like a movie. It was two black guys who,fought on the fourth tier with a huge potential, to fall off a ledge as only a metal railing with some bars but open spaces between was there. but it was something like out of the movie the warriors.

they charged at each other so hard and fast it literally made me question any of my training. one guy lifted the other high above his head and slammed him he had a bandanna on and a circle formed like in those gan damme movies. another fight was two on two then pepper spray came.

oh and this was before i ended up fighting (twice inr ception then hole time) but thats another story...lets just say i attacked first time in my life i had to have what it takes to take off on one guy as i would have dealt with three if i didn,t get off that fourth tier, then the second one was me fighting a sny gang called northern ryders and again attacking before they could group up and were already threatening to jump or possibly stab me. anyway, i fought teo of them in one day as that jordan guy laughed and hated them and let it go. ut they follwoed me to chow hall and sat in my table and were doing hand signs to other tables to show me i will be deslt with. anyway ill tell ya that story later maybe.

as I was being takn away in cuffs from chow hall i didnt let them spray me as i just did enough for them to yell get down than got down to remove myself fom th thrat and alpine section to go to hole basically, i yelled "polish ultras **** the world we rock the world."

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