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Genuine, honest nice man seeking Polish woman for long term relationship/marriage

16 Feb 2016 /  #1
Hello, I would very much like to meet an honest and sincere Polish lady to settle down with in the UK. I have a lot to offer someone compatible. Please only respond if you genuinely seek the same with honest intentions. I'm 54 but look 44, fit with average looks. I prefer women who look after themselves and not drastically over weight. I take care of my diet and walk a lot and do weight training to keep fit. I have a good job, my own home, intelligent and fun to be worth. Looking for mutual devotion and togetherness. I would not rule out children but not necessary. Thank you for reading this Colin.
16 Feb 2016 /  #2
It seems very strange to me, that you, with all your pluses, cannot find an appropriate woman in the UK.
16 Feb 2016 /  #3
good point Terri.
In a while he will come back on and start telling us all how English women are all ugly monsters who don't know how to clean properly and have no idea of "traditional values" ..:)

Anyway anyone called 'Colin' is at least 65 so that could be your answer.
16 Feb 2016 /  #4
It give me a creeps. Honestly has anyone found himself a woman posting on some forum? Apart from a paid sexual ads. that is.
OP driftershooter  
16 Feb 2016 /  #5
I thought it would be a good idea as I live in the UK so don't meet that many Polish women. I'm not that keen on British women because most are over weight and drink to much. I don't need anyone to clean for me. I prefer Polish women for their family value's and sincerity. Why such negative comments anyway and i'm not creepy or 65. I'm just a normal bloke with a sincere intention of meeting a decent normal Polish woman. Your negative comments and presumptions say a lot about how stupid you are as people. Please accept my sincere sympathies as you are all very immature. Regards Colin
4 Mar 2017 /  #6

look for love polsko


I am Matyáš from Czech Republic. i want good Polish lady to go for walks, drink beers and eat dinners. Please no fat womans. i live mother and cats in zabreh.

I speaks czech language, english and only little polsky. If you find me good please send e-mail to

  • me
5 Mar 2017 /  #7
I wonder if he's found any takers...
5 Mar 2017 /  #8
This has to be some kind of joke?
6 Mar 2017 /  #9
Certainly looks strangely familiar, the sort of face that would try and tap you for money at the railway station. Odd.
Now I remember who he reminds me of. Any Polish lady with half a brain would do well to avoid such an advertisement. If the centre parting hasn't scared her off anyway. That sort of virginal trainspotter look.

Still trying to figure out where I recognise this individual from
7 Mar 2017 /  #10
He does look like your typical pub bore, doesn't he?

Maybe he should actually come to Poland rather than trying to find love on PF of all places!

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