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A good Polish restaurant in Michigan?

chase5 2 | 17
31 May 2007 #1
in Michigan area?? metro Detroit preferably
31 May 2007 #2
A great Polish restaurant in Michigan is Polonus in Wyandotte. I go there all the time! Great food!
25 Jul 2007 #3
In Hamtramack go to Polonia's or Under the Eagle. If you are on the eastside you can got to a place called the glass onion. They have one in clinton township and one in chesterfield. I dont know of any on the west side. I am an eastsider. If you want some good rib's go to 3 star bbq in Hamtramack, i know its not polish food but it is excellent. Let me know if this helps.
6 Aug 2007 #4
The best is POLONIA restaurant in Hamtramck. There's authenic polish food. And very good food!!!
26 Aug 2007 #5
I know, for sure, that I have eaten at Polonia's and I am also pretty sure that I have eaten at Under the Eagle, as well (I have dined at 2 places in Hamtramck). They are both fabulous. One of them (Polonia's, I think) had FABULOUS dill pickle soup and cheese nalezniki (spelling?) and cheese pierogy (my favorite!!) and my dad loves the czarnina - As I recall, these 2 places were close by each other - possibly both were located on Joseph Campau, but I am not positive (don't know if I spelled the street name correctly). In any case, you can't go wrong with the Polish food in Hamtramck!

I live in Canada, but have relatives in Michigan (my dad is from Hamtramck) and we go there whenever we are in the Detroit area, which is not often enough.

Another good place to eat was, I think, called the Polish Cultural Center, but I don't remember where that was - maybe in the Sterling Heights area? A Michigander could verify the name/location. It was like a legion hall - yummy, yummy food!
lowfunk99 10 | 397
9 Jan 2008 #6
The Polish Culteral Center is on 15 Mile and Ryan Rd on the north west Corner.

There is 2 Sisters in downtown Rochester on the west side by Kinko's.

In Sterling Heights and Warren there is Bosko's and Starlight respectivly.

and in Troy on Rochester Rd on the east side is Luckich.
Polka Princess
19 Jan 2008 #7
If you want all homemade great Polish food, it's in Wyandotte at Gustyn Hall, at the corner of 9th & Vinewood. (Across from Mount Carmel Church). They are open for kunch & dinner on Fridays from 11 to 8.

We go there quite often or get a carryout 734-282-8255.

They also have yummy homemade desserts. :-)
28 Mar 2008 #8
Does anyone remember The Royal Eagle, in Indian Village, which is now The Harlequin? They had the very best Polish food ever, but they either moved or went out of business. I would sure like to know what happened to them.
Polish Prince - | 1
12 Aug 2008 #9
Polish village on Yemans street in Hamtramck across the parking lot from Polonia. Better than the rest, more authentic and a lot cheaper.
lowfunk99 10 | 397
12 Aug 2008 #10
There is a new one over on harper just north of 13 mile called Celinas.

Cheap and very very good.

Celina is a very nice lady.
10 Sep 2008 #11
The Polish Cultural Center is actually at 15 and Dequindre, NW corner, not at Ryan.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
17 Sep 2008 #12
Anyone ever tried Pyza, a Polish restauruant on Van Dyke at around 16 or 18 Mile road?
lowfunk99 10 | 397
18 Sep 2008 #13
Pyza is on the west side of Van Dyke just south of 21 mile rd.

pricy but very good.
I luv it
21 Oct 2008 #14
My mom said they moved yrs back to Royal Oak under a different name. They were there 2 yrs and then they lost their lease. Between Washington and Main by the railroad tracks by Fresards. My mom doesn't know where they went she asked the people who were there remodeling and they didnt know.
14 May 2009 #15
Marcus Grill in Shelby Township has got my vote! Its a new place on 25 1/2 & Vandyke, North East Corner. They have a nice selection of homemade Polish Items, the Perogies are INCREDIBLE! The Dill Pickle Soup is on every once in a while I would definitely recommend it!
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
17 May 2009 #16
American-Polish Cultural Center is on Maple Rd (15 Mile) and Dequindre in Troy. BTW locals do not pronounce the street the French way de-KANDR but say de-KWIN-der.
20 Jun 2009 #17
I like Under the Eagle on Jos Campau in Hamtramck the best. I love their czarnina. Closest to my Grandma's I've ever had.

The Polonia and Polish Village Cafe are next on my list. Then Wawel, also known as the Polish Cultural Center.

I haven't been to or heard of the others mentioned. Except for Pyza. I agree the food is pricey there, but except for the roast pork and the duck breast appetizer I really wasn't impressed by the food.

But Polish food is regional and you always judge it by what your Babcia used to make!
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
4 Aug 2009 #18

The American-Polish Cultural Center is definitely a place to visit when in the Detroit area: Polish food in a Polish cultural setting, banquets, off-site catering and various cultural events makes this place a must.


For those interested here's a nice write-up about a Polish restaurant in Hamtramck, Michigan - once Detroit's predominantly Polish enclave-suburb. (By enclave is meant that to get ir or out you have to drive through some part of the City of Detroit. But Hamtramck is not just a neighbourhood or section but an indepndent municipality with its own mayor, town council, polcie force, fire brigade, school system, etc.)
10 Sep 2009 #19
The Royal Eagle was Under the Eagle's high end sibling. The couple divorced and the husband opened The Royal Eagle in Indian Village. It was a stunning place in the huge ballroom of the Parkhurst Hotel. The harlequin was in the same building but was not in the same space. You had the feeling you were dining in a great hotel in Krakow in 1930. The first time my wife and I ate there we were amazed that they had real candelabras with real candles all the while there were 20 floors of residents above. It was so cool, but we thought dangerous. The food was delectable. Veal Lwow, filet mignon stuffed in a pancake with creamy caper sauce, excellent dill sauces and tortes to die for. It was one of the restaurants that closed after the "fireworks debacle". He later opened a restaurant in Royal Oak called "Daniels" which won monthly Detroit restaurant of the year. It served "central european food. It had much of the same menu. Polish food. I heard he died.
25 Mar 2010 #20
The owner Daniel moved to 4th street in Royal Oak,was open for a while.He change his interest to flower making.Somethme in 90 he pastaway of a heart attack.We use to go there for best New Years partys,about 10 or 12 of us. Very classy place to be there.

Ewa,Andrzej,Janusz,Sylvia,Bogdan,Jagoda,Alyssa,Mariusz,Sylvia, Baska and Daniel.
31 Mar 2010 #21
I agree with you. That place is the best. Go early or you will have to stand in line. At lunch time and on the weekends. Also the American Polish Century Club on 14 mile rd and Maple Lane in Warren, Mi has a real good Wednesday Lunch and on Fridays their Friday night fish dinners are great.
10 Sep 2012 #22
We always go to Polish Village Cafe on Yemans. Reasonable prices and fantastic soups. Also cut across the parking lot to visit a little neighborhood pub "Suzy's"--have to be Buzzed in..locals hang out there..polka music on jukebox & another way to support Poles in Hamtramck.
17 Oct 2012 #23
Dobski's in Waterford, is a great place to go. It is near a lake, and is a great resturant.
Frugal Polack
9 May 2014 #24
Royal Eagle has not been there for YEARS (20?) - and Polish food when there was upper class food - not like most people from chene /trombly area knew ..
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
21 May 2015 #25
Merged: Polish Kitchen (restaurant) in Petoskey

Anyone driving across Northern Michigan might want to sample some Polish fare at this restaurant owned by the Bębenek Family in Petoskey:

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