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Michigan Polish markets and places?

14 Feb 2007 /  #1
Are there are places in Michigan (Southeast) where young Polish people hang out?

I know there are some cultural centers, but I was hoping to find some people maybe in their 20s to go out drinking with.

where are some Polish food markets in the Mt Pleasant area? I am stuck up here for the week and need some good paczki.
18 Feb 2007 /  #2
mike, I tried looking it up on the online and no luck, lots of farm markets though!!

Hamtramak is the closest .
19 Feb 2007 /  #3
Does anyone have a great Paczki recipe? I can't find mine. Thanks.
OP Mike321  
19 Feb 2007 /  #4
I know Hamtramak, my family is from there... I wish I was down there now. My parents live in Sterling Heights, but I am away at college.. so no good metro Detroit polish markets.
20 Feb 2007 /  #5
Sorry mike, I know its hard :(

Maybe your only option is to have someone go to Hamtramak and send you some
via UPS. or maybe call and see if these places have a online site to order?

I am not good at polish so I cant help ya there :(
Best of luck to you though while your away at college :)
22 Feb 2007 /  #6
Krzysiak’s House —Authentic Polish food in a family-friendly setting that is in Bay City Michigan.

Larry's Meat Market
(989) 893-8926

1400 Kosciuszko Ave
Bay City, MI 48708
23 Feb 2007 /  #7
mike there ya go, :) someone came to the rescue :) lol
28 Feb 2007 /  #8
Mike, we have a few Polish meat markets in Grand Rapids if you ever make it down this way. But I'll tell you that they don't compare to what I experienced on N. Milwaukee this last weekend!
15 Mar 2007 /  #9
I go to Michigan for the lakes only. I take all my stuff (food) from Chicago though as I don't count on finding Polish stores there :)
16 Mar 2007 /  #10
Hamtramck and Sterling Heights have a lot of Polish people. Mlody, there's a Polish Market on maple and dequindre, as well as a Polish Book Store and something else. I'm not sure of specific places to hang out but I'm sure if you went to the Polish Market and asked one of the people working there they'd know. Heck you could probably just hang out with some of them, they're all in their 20s mostly.

17 Mar 2007 /  #11
White Star and Club 88 in Hamtown...

Also in Hamtown, Turtles and Holbrook Cafe.

Also the markets and restaurants in Hamtramck are great...
17 Mar 2007 /  #12

Under the Eagle Restaurant

Polish Village Reataurant (it's hard to find because it's in the basement of a house.)

a few cafes mentioned above

Marcowyscz bakery (sp)
18 Mar 2007 /  #13
I am the doorman at 88th Avenue. The address is 10200 Conant (2 blocks south of Caniff, across from PNA hall).

Right now, because it's Post (Lent) the bar is a bit slow - still Saturday nights are pretty good there. The staff are all 1st generation Polish (except me, I'm 3rd generation). 95% of the clientel is 1st generation Polish. Cover charge is only $2.00 (Dwa dollare) CHEAP!

Polish beer: Ziewiecz (I know I spelled that wrong, sorry) Ocociem. Polish vodka; Belvedere; and if Kazik is there, maybe some spirytus!

If you miss Poland, 88th Avenue is the place to go.
2 Apr 2010 /  #14
Where are the markts in GR stuck in the ZOO no Babka no sausage for Easter
4 Apr 2010 /  #15
There are Polish food sources in the Muskegon area (sausage, baked goods) including
Old World deli at 2037 E Laketon Ave in Muskegon, MI
4 Apr 2010 /  #16
It seems to me that Bay City should have some Polish markets. Where did you grow up in Sterling Hgts? I grew up at 17 and Dodge Prk
Artilleria Artu  
5 Aug 2010 /  #17
Geez Folks: Try Sweet Cherry Resort in Hagar Shores Michigan!!
2 hrs. from Chicago--3 hrs. from Detroit--Lake Michigan rural atmosphere.
Wineries, orchards, etc.
(If this helps anyone, send me a 6-pack of REAL Polish Beer!!)
22 Aug 2010 /  #18
Islands of Polishness may also be found in Michigan in Saginaw and Bay City, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Flint, Gaylord and Alpena (village of Posen/PoznaƄ nearby).
22 Aug 2010 /  #19
I go to Michigan for the lakes only. I take all my stuff (food) from Chicago though as I don't count on finding Polish stores there

There are many Polish stores.
johnny reb  
9 Mar 2019 /  #20
Sad, so very sad for the Polish migrants who established this town in Michigan only to have it taken over by the Muslims.
When the Polish came here they had no government grants to start a business nor any welfare to support their family like the Muslims are "blessed with" AND the Polish people (unlike the Muslims that still wear their black garbage bags and have no desire to become Americans) acclimated on their free will to learn English and American traditions.

What a difference a couple of generations make.
In my day as a kid (50's and 60's) Hamtramck was known for top quality Polish restaurants and Polish butcher shops that produced the best Polish sausages anywhere.

Hamtramck's transformation in recent decades is well documented and obvious. (Marxism at work)
Storefronts now display signs in Arabic or Bengali.
A main road was given an honorary name, "Bangladesh Avenue."
And after the 2015 election, Hamtramck's City Council became the country's first with a Muslim majority, a milestone that drew unwanted media attention and critical social media posts from ex-residents who left decades ago in disgust.

So sad, so very sad to see the hard working Polish and their culture be run out of a town they worked so very hard to establish.

Don't let this happen in Poland.......Keep Poland Polish !

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