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Canadian food and culture

ilmc 4 | 136
20 Sep 2012 #1
i saw in a recent thread that people really believe canadians have no foods which is not true. It is true that we eat a lot of foods that have influence from other countries however here are some things that are specific to canada (even if they were inventend and influenced by immigrants that came here originally ie french british irish german)

french fries poutine sauce (similar to and sometimes replaced with gravy) and cheese curds its a delicious melty mess

montreal smoked meat ... yum

sugar pie

maple syrup pie

nanaimo bars ( yup a canadian treat from nanaimo british columbia)

salt beef and salt pork

nova scotia clam chowder

lobster bake, lobster cake, mmm nova scotia

this one is a type of alcohol but ... it will work here newfie screech basically pure alcohol home distilled and part of the newfie initiation process if you come to canada and you would like to be considered an official newfie no need to fill out papers or apply for newfie citizenship if you can take a shot of screech and kiss a cod on the mouth they will award you with a certificate stating you are an official newfie :) i have one yay

beaver tails ... not the actual animals tails a baked confection found in our nations capital and oh so delicious

so how about some other things that are uniquely canadian not just food ...
eh? pronounced ay and a word used the same way americans use huh it is used to add inquistion to the end of a sentence a verbal question mark so to speak. you like beaver tails eh?

use of the word some in place of the word very ... some common on the east coast :) those shoes are some nice

the rock ... our countries way to define newfoundland if you are here and someone asks you if you've been to the rock they are asking if you have been to newfoundland if they ask if you have been to the rockies this is different and is found in alberta. if they ask if you have been to paradise they mean british columbia

use of the word sorry to an almost irritating degree ... we are sorry for everything and we don't know why.

some sports... lacross is canadian, hockey is canadian, basketball is canadian although it appears we are better at inventing some sports than actually participating which is why americans get credited with them all ... rediculous eh?

we can outdrink americans they come here to drink because our legal drinking age is 19 but they can't handle the higher percentage alcohol

the ligh bulb was invented here so i suppose that is something to thank us for ( not that we will ever ask for thanks, we might appologize for making you feel as if you have to thank us, sorry for that.)

so what are some ways to tell if you are a true Canadian
you stand in line ups not lines
you drink pop not soda
you finish the alphabet with zed not zee
you incorporate french into your everyday english without knowing you are doing so. pass me a serviette instead of a napkin
you drive on a highway not a freeway
you know what a robertson screwdriver is
you know what a mickey and a 2-4 is ... you also know what may 2-4 long weekend means
you use a red pen on your american text book and fill in the missing u's from labour colour honour etc
you can eat a slice of sugar pie or more than one maple sugar candy without feeling nauceous
you have played road hockey on skates
you recognie four seasons fall, winter, still winter, fall again

we have a culture... it is one of acceptance.... and please don't tell use you don't like us because it hurts our feelings which we hav ea lot of and we will only harrass forever until you admit that you like us. i have read of us being boring, i don't think we are boring i think we are kind and if you cannot find something to do in a country so fast so full of natural wonder on ever piece of it you are probably going to be hoplessly bored your whole life.

Welcome to Canada eh have a beer play some hockey and we will love you and let you live in peace
infinity - | 3
29 Sep 2012 #2
Where from have you taken this idea that polish people feel this way?
I admire Canadian culture and landscapes. I dream about trip to Canada which is obvious huge expense for me but I wish it will become true some day.

So please don't be so judgemental because not everybody find you boring.

By the way I'm dying to know how taste poutine or sugar pie :)
OP ilmc 4 | 136
30 Sep 2012 #3
a couple previous topics people posted canadians have no culture... one most recent was kondzor.

poutine tastes like heaven it is easy to make yourself if you want to taste it you just have to get your hands on cheese curds make some french and some gravy and pour it together in a bowl and there you have it. (could also find the recipe online)

sugar pie you could find the recipe online it is mostly brown sugar and is very very sweet tastes best with a mild tasting homemade whipped cream. Taking a trip to Canada would be expensive and time consuming if you want to see the whole country haha. takes a week to drive from one coast to the other and that is non stop. If you are serious about it make sure you research places that would suit things you like best because every area of the country has something different to offer :) I don't think all people feel this way, i think a lot of people just arent aware of things that are uniquely canadian.
infinity - | 3
8 Oct 2012 #4
It's hard for me to choose one city or even province but I will try. I'm going to do poutine next week and I hope it will be even close to original poutine :)
OP ilmc 4 | 136
9 Oct 2012 #5
try and find the recipe for poutine sauce instead of gravy and that will help... a lot of places outside of quebec substitue gravy but the best poutine i have ever had used poutine sauce .. and my opinion is that the best of canada can be found in the far west coast british colombia or the far east coast newfoundland ... the east coast is probably a better trip because it is cheaper ... the people are the nicest in canada where everyone is pretty nice anyway... and the food and beer is better :) plus you can visit all of the eastern provinces at once because they are the smallest in canada :)

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