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Polish-American food as compared to food in Poland?

21 May 2013 /  #1
What do you think about polish food in America compared to poland?
21 May 2013 /  #2
I never eat "Polska Kielbasa" from the supermarket because it's not spelled right and it is some American brand.

I also never buy pierogis because if there is an 's' at the end then it means it isn't real Polish.

The ONLY Polish food I ever eat is at home or when we buy it from a Polish store.
22 May 2013 /  #3
There are some good Polish delis, bakeries, and eateries pretty much anyplace with significant Polish immigration. One can easily find pierogi and kielbasa in the trendy neighborhoods of Brooklyn these days...

In terms of taste & quality I like the locally made stuff better than the typical deli/supermarket food in PL, which I think has gone downhill dramatically over the years - probably due to the pressures of keeping costs down. Even bread is nothing like it used to be. One can still find quality stuff in Poland of course in places like Piotr & PaweĊ‚, but at a cost that is out of reach for the average Kowalski. I suspect the quality and taste of the food available here could be attributed to the fact that it may still be made the way it used to be made when the business owners left PL 50-40-30 yrs ago...
22 May 2013 /  #4
I think you've been out of Poland far too long if you think that Piotr i Pawel is out of reach for most people.

There are three bakeries close to where I live, all of which are open at ridiculous hours to sell all sorts of interesting products at a very good price.

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