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Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey?

17 Jan 2007 #1
i was wondering if someone can tell me where i can get some polish food in new jersey?
not online though.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
17 Jan 2007 #2
Where in NJ are you? I know of a few places.

PL food meaning a deli with all PL products or a restaurant?
18 Jan 2007 #3
You can find Polish food in Wallington, NJ - there used to be an Adams Food market that was 1 block off Paterson Ave near the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. There is also an excellent bakery back in there which I can't remember the name. I usually get my kielbasa from a place in Passaic called Stacz's (pronounced Stash's-sorry- I can't spell in Polish!) which is just over the bridge from Wallington. It is a neighborhood that has lots of Polish stores - The big Shop Rite in that neighborhood also carries a lot of Polish food and ingredients needed for Polish cooking. I wish I knew the street names, but it has been awhile since I lived in NJ. I know this isn't much help but maybe someone else knows the names and addresses.
OP katush
22 Jan 2007 #4
im in newark....yeah, im looking for deli with polish food, not restaurants...thanks :)

thanks so much. at least you directed me in a local area. :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116
25 Jan 2007 #5
You're closer to Wallington, but there's also Garfield. There is a nice deli called Piast on river Street. If you want tasty PL Piwo then you can go 5 min further on river st and there's a liquor store on the right (can't recall the name) and they have hard to find PL beer. I'd stick to Wallington due to the amt of stores in the area. Good luck.
carpe diem
26 Jan 2007 #6
I live in Hunterdon County, NJ. Are there any Polish type delis around there? The only one we go to is the Farmer's Market, in Trenton, which sells a lot of Polish food....
SJ Mike
6 Feb 2007 #7
where the hell can I get a GOOD raisins, no cheese....just a good dense, babka...Im In SJ, Camden County
10 Feb 2007 #8
To get to Wallingon, Take rt. 3 west until you hit Rt 21, take the exit toward Passaic, then get off at exit 11A (River Dr.) take that straight past the Honda dealership (bear right) and you will see several polish restaurants, a polish bar, and a polish deli.
11 Feb 2007 #9
there is a polish deli on river road in garfield, nj. It's in a strip mall. I was just there to ship a package to my son in poland.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553
12 Feb 2007 #10
Yes....Piast on river street. Good food :)
17 Feb 2007 #11
Umm yeah my boyfriend is polish and his family has a deli/resturant/grocery in lakewood, new jersey..its on 65 east county line rd...very good..very friendly..great food..try it out and im not just saying this because hes my check it out let me know what you think..any question im me on aim at polishpatsgirl..
18 Feb 2007 #12
Linden NJ ,Union County Syrena Deli, Polonez Deli( the best), Bratek, Pulaski
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
20 Feb 2007 #13
Hey, i lived in garfield and Clifton and Wallington. Went to Sacred Heart School for a few years, then Columbus #8 i believe.

small world huh. Piast was the best ever. City is rich in Polish culture and awesome place to drink and party. anyone live near 37 Chestnut street? - thats my old house. :)

nice to meet people from same part of world, small place after all huh. wish the place would have less latinos, i don't hate them i just want it to stay predominantly Polish. Same with Chicago, they following us? WTF?
21 Feb 2007 #14
U can find good food also in chefski's in wallington NJ on 360 main st i work there but thats not a food store but something llike a take out restaurant pierogis are very good and other stuff too :)
22 Feb 2007 #15
There are a few Polish deli's in Manville - 2 right on Main Street (past the Walmart) and the other one is on N. 10th St. called B&L. I usually go to B&L for good Polish rye bread, various sausages/deli meats (krakowska, kielbasa, paruwki, etc.), jarred/canned items (pickles, sauerkraut, smalec, etc.) and then other random things like paczki, nalesniki and pierogi.

Here's the contact info:

B&L Polish Deli&Meat Market
221 N. 10th Ave.
Manville, NJ 08835
Tel: (908) 253-0099
22 Feb 2007 #16
There is a good polish deli on Lanza Ave in Garfield, NJ take Rt 46 to river road in Garfield turn onto Lanza Ave On the right coming from River Rd. Great Pierogs, Kielbasa
FISZ 24 | 2,116
24 Feb 2007 #17
How far past Piast is this Right hand turn?
1 Mar 2007 #18
about 1/2 mile.
john mick
5 Mar 2007 #19
piast river rd garfield rt 21 n from newark less then 15 minutes
7 Mar 2007 #20
:)Good polish deli in Kearny, right next to Newark:)

Polish Meats & Provisions Inc
147 Kearny Avenue
Kearny, NJ 07032
13 Mar 2007 #21
Zona - I just moved to Manville area and was looking for a Polish deli and bakery. I tried B&L, and I could see how fast the rye moves out, but I am looking for a bakery that does their own babka. Any suggestions? [prob should just learn to make it myself]

Moved from Bayonne, NJ. Two places I went to there:

Alex & Terri's on 36th St and Broadway. Small deli/bakery, few groceries, but has smoked meats, makes own pierogis, poppy/nut/prune breads [what is the Polish word for these?], and babka. Close to Easter they suspend other deli activity to focus on making enough babka, there can be a line out the door.

The other one is between 22nd and 24th on Ave. C. Forget the name. A bigger deli and grocery.
22 Mar 2007 #22
Hi there. I was searching the internet for Polish bakeries in NJ and I saw your entry. I work in Howell so I can easily drive to Lakewood. What is the name of the shop you were referring to? Can you give me a landmark on County Line Road? Thanks.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
23 Mar 2007 #23
This place?
4 Apr 2007 #24
Besides B &L in Manville which does not make their own babka, are there any food and bakery stores around that area that do? How about the Bound Brook or Somerville area anyone familiar with this?
njgirl - | 3
4 Apr 2007 #25
theres a new polish deli that just opened they make hand made pierogis its called Jans Deli at 24 wilson ave. in Englishtown NJ 732 446-6926 it looks good there just down the street from Englishtown Auction I just saw it in the asbury park press newspaper today
7 Apr 2007 #26
Hi. Does anyone know the name if the polish market in Old Bridge. They used to make the best homemade kielbasa. Thanks. Happy Easter....
FISZ 24 | 2,116
7 Apr 2007 #27
Jans Deli or European Provisions on Old Bridge Turnpike
GrandeSande 2 | 119
7 Apr 2007 #28
You guys are making me homesick and hungry!!!

I was born and grew up in NJ, and both sides of my family are Polish. I haven't had Polish food in soooo long, I can't wait to visit Jersey, and/or Poland.

Happy Easter to all!
FISZ 24 | 2,116
7 Apr 2007 #29
Just go buy the damn food at a shop

But, maybe you fail to see that these are people asking about PL food. Not everystore carries it....unless you're in PL :)
27 Apr 2007 #30
Sorry, don't know of any bakeries that make their own (good & authentic) babka.

Not to make everyone jealous, but I'm going to Poland and can't wait to get my hands (and tastebuds) on some good Polish food! Yippee!

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