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Polish teacher needed (Manchester or Chester area)

kochanie 3 | 58
10 May 2011 #1
Hi everybody! I need a Polish teacher in either the Manchester or Chester area. I live in Chester but spend every weekend in Manchester, so either will be fine for me.

I have had lessons from 2007-8 but lack of lessons and practise has made my Polish deteriorate incredibly, and now I am planning to visit Gdansk!

Ideally I need a teacher who has a good sense of humour so lessons will be enjoyable, and I also need to run quickly back through the basics to revise.

Private lessons would be preferred.

If you can help me or know of anybody who can help me, please send me details in a private message.

EnglishDirect - | 3
2 Jun 2011 #2
Hi Natalie,
I don't know whether you've already found someone or not, but since I see no one has responded yet to your post, let me suggest myself as a potential teacher of Polish. The problem though is that I dont live in Manchester but in Poland. The good news on the other hand is that I have already had such classes but over Skype. So should you be interested, please mail me. All the best - RafaƂ
mojra - | 1
7 Jun 2011 #3
have you already found somebody? If not, from July to August I will be in Manchaster and I can help. I study English in Poland so I think both of us can benefit from lessons:) write if you are still interested

31 Oct 2011 #4

I am looking for a teacher located in the Manchester area.

I have had lessons previously off and on but I am still very much at a basic level.

I am looking to have lessons once a week and weekday evenings suit me best.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Kind regards
Wroclaw 44 | 5,368
31 Oct 2011 #5
Thanks for any help in advance.

teacher of what ?
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
31 Oct 2011 #6
I suspect that the clue is in the words "Polish Forums / Polonia - UK, Ireland" ;)
Seanus 15 | 19,670
31 Oct 2011 #7
I agree, Sid, but they could have been more explicit.

Their English is accurate so likely Polish language is needed :)
monikaevans - | 2
12 Feb 2012 #8
Hello Natalie,

I am an experienced Polish/English teacher living on the outskirts of Chester.
If you are interested in Polish lessons, please get in touch.

Kind regards,

30 Jun 2014 #9
Anyone on here teach basic polish for beginners with no experience of the language?
Chester or liverpool area?
18 Aug 2014 #10
Check out Chester University/college they have 15 weeks beginner course in the evenings starting in September...
monikaevans - | 2
19 Aug 2014 #11
I'll be more than happy to help. Chester area or online:


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