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Survey on Polish experience of life in Edinburgh

tomastor 1 | 3
17 Mar 2010 #1

I am writing a dissertation on how Poles experience life in Edinburgh, especially over the last year. My grandmother was Polish so I have always been interested to see how Polish people moving here feel as it was something she experienced as well. Sadly I do not speak Polish so I hope everyone can understand this.

I have a short 10 questions survey that I would really appreciate as many people as possible doing. If you can spare the time, please fill it in! If there is anything else you want to add, you can email me at tdastor@gmail.

If you aren't from Edinburgh but still feel strongly, feel free to contribute but please put your location in question 3, after when you moved.

Here it is:

Thanks a lot for your time!
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
17 Mar 2010 #2
I've emailed the link to your survey onto the Polish people I know in Edinburgh.

Good luck with your dissertation. :)
OP tomastor 1 | 3
18 Mar 2010 #3
Thank you, really appreciate this! Still hoping for a few more :)

For those of you who wish to see the responses to the survey, the link is here:

Where answers involved text, you can clink on the blue 'Show replies' to reveal the responses.

If you want, you can filter the responses to show those or a certain age range, gender, or any of the quantifiable questions (Click Filter Responses at the top of the screen).

You are also able to view individual responses (Click browse responses at the top), or download the whole survey (Download responses).

Feel free to tell me what you think!

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