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Polish Education System (survey)

30 Jan 2012 /  #1
Hi, I'm doing a project on Polish Education and Polish culture, and the instructor requires us to answer a few questions and cover a few topics that I can't seem to find online or anywhere else.

-How do teaching and discipline syles differ [from North America]?

-How is achievement reported (e.g. report cards)

-What is the general attitude towards education?

-How are teachers/ the teaching profession seen?

-Common English language difficulties (for Polish ESL students)- both oral and written (e.g. pronunciation of certain sounds, articles left out, alphabetic system, past tense markers left out).

-body language (e.g. does a smile mean something different than in North American culture?)

-use of gestures or other non-verbal language

- expressions of friendliness

-use of eye contact (e.g. is eye contact typically avoided? is it rude? do you only do it if you know the person well?)

-attitude towards punctuality

-style of dress

-gender differences

-cultural / religious practices

-speaking in class, asking questions

-concept of plagiarism

-forms of addressing the teacher.

-attitudes towards music/art/drama/physical ed in schools

If anyone can comment on any of these topics, much appreciated! Thanks
30 Jan 2012 /  #2
-How are teachers/ the teaching profession seen?

Badly. They are poorly paid. They are burn out and don't put enough efford in teaching in many cases.

-How do teaching and discipline syles differ [from North America]?

In Poland it's hard to disciplinate a pupil because suspention and detention doesn't exist. There is a mark given for behaviour but no one cares even if is going to have naganne (reprehensible - the worst note for behaviour) for the end of the year. If a person attend school above secondary education (such as liceum) then for a bad behaviour a pupil might be disciplinarly removed from a school.

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