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Polish Prams & Baby Travel Systems

keith bentley 1 | 1
6 Oct 2011 #1
Hi Everyone
We are expecting a little baby boy in 16 weeks time and are looking at prams and travel systems. We have seen a lovely pram/travel system called a kajtex maxim sport travel system which we understand is made in Poland? Does anyone know if this is any good because we obviously want a safe pram for our baby. It looks great for the money but maybe someone out there know differently? Any useful comments are welcome please

Many Thanks
Julie & Keith
THE HITMAN - | 236
6 Oct 2011 #2
Try LEEBRUSS.COM, professional and expert service. I believe they distribute most Polish prams/systems to the UK. Heard a lot of good reports about this company. Hope this helps, good luck with your new arrival.
Teffle 22 | 1,321
6 Oct 2011 #3
I've been told that prams and indeed even baby clothes/items generally are very expensive in Poland.

Prams tend to be an expensive item in any economy so I'd think twice and do my research carefully if I were you OP.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
6 Oct 2011 #4
travel systems.

never heard it before. love it.

not many use prams these days. some folk carry babies in those sling thingys and some use fancy baby buggies or you might see folk using the carrier that fits in cars. yes, there is a multitude of 'travel systems' for babies.

prams are too expensive, usually too big and inconvenient. however, they are best for baby.
sleeping_beauty 1 | 25
11 Oct 2011 #6
@keith bentley


We're having the same problem. I saw some in local shop (even in Carrefour supermarket) and they seems not bad.
You can also check this site, and they even have a shop in warsaw. Their travel system cost 1500 zloty and up.
pip 10 | 1,661
11 Oct 2011 #7
check on they usually have good prices. here is a link to start you off.
g60edition 6 | 175
13 Oct 2011 #8
Hi,We purchased a Jane Rider Matrix Light as we travel from the Uk to Poland on a regular basis.We bought it because is suited our needs.It is light and compacts down well with removable rear wheels.The pram part can be adjusted in to a car seat or and I believe it is the only one on the market that the pram can be used on the back seat in the lay down posistion which is meant to be better for the baby on longer journeys.There are host of add on you can get for this system.But be aware as the frame of the pram is oval a universal parasol will not fit and Jane will be happy to relieve you of around 40 pounds for there one.Saying that it is good quality and is UV protective.

Here is a link to a polish site that sell them.Hope this of help:
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
13 Oct 2011 #9
never heard it before. love it.

There's something about the phrase that just makes me cringe.
Cinders x
15 Mar 2016 #10
My daughter is expecting a baby girl and we have seen a pram on eBay which I believe is from Poland, it's a baby carino 3 in 1 travel system it's white and peachy pink leather.. There's not much information of sizes or any close up of the material on eBay was wondering if anyone knew of any websites I would be able to get more information .
milawi - | 60
16 Mar 2016 #11
websites I would be able to get more information
cinders x
16 Mar 2016 #12
Thankyou will have a look

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