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No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain

kaprys 3 | 2,384
6 May 2018 #241
Yes. If you read Polish press, you'd know.

@Dirk diggler
Patriotism isn't about bullying other nationalities. It isn't about claiming to be concerned about something that doesn't exist, mainly Muslim invasion of Poland.

Fyi, quite a few of these 'patriots' also disapprove of Ukrainians.
As for immigrants in Poland/the UK, these are two totally different things. Non European immigration started decades ago, when Britain was far from being politically correct. 'He's-a-foreigner' attitude was far more common. Immigrants to Poland and Britain are different, too. Try coming to Poland and live off the benefits like immigrants in the UK do.

But there's something in common: low paid jobs are taken by immigrants because non qualified Poles would rather live on the social welfare.
TheWizard - | 238
6 May 2018 #242
The world is completely different now than it was even 20 years ago The uk is s different country surrounded by new circumstances. Never before has it been that mainland europe has been so united. Plenty of people don't like it , indians and pakis in uk don't, they have zero chance against any Europeans coming in and will be shoved to the back. Russia doesn't like it! Islamists dont like it, more Christians coming in the UK. Usa don't 100% like it. Europe binding together means sidelining all these parasites who didn't believe it could be done because of languages and culture.

The people who don't like the eu are anti european on a whole, 3rd worlds parasites and the historucally aggressive enemies as well as the zionists from usa who rely on the old status quo to make money. It is baffling why the uk is really joining that bunch, something stinks.
TheOther 6 | 3,821
6 May 2018 #243
Because whenever The UK have disagreed with The EU in the past they were overruled.

Ask the other member states and you will get a completely different response. Britain was seen as the troublemaker of the EU right from the very beginning. The proverbial whinging Poms. There was a reason why de Gaulle didn't want you guys in the union.

Britain doesn't need The EU.

Yeah, good luck with that and all the best. Hope your special relationship with the US will work out as expected. I just feel sorry for the 50% of the Brits who are committed Europeans and wanted to stay in the union with all its advantages.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,921
6 May 2018 #244
This is a very interesting point , now if you guys can help explain this it would be appreciated,

The British opposition labour party who up until recently have been staunchly socialist and have historically supported the socialist led EU in Europe. But their current policy is pro Brexit. The current leadership is Marxist in fact their deputy leader attended Carl Marx's birthday celebrations yesterday.

Is it possible that their agenda is to implement Marxist communism in Britain? by exiting the EU they would be free of EU laws that guarantee human rights and the rule of law.

What do you think comrades...
Crow 139 | 8,634
6 May 2018 #245
What do you think

I think how is Britain full of pungent odor of heresy. No place for Jesus and Svetovid there. Its the land of sin and treachery, where rule malevolence of evil magnates, where British government represent inquisition and political commissariat at the same time. Worse possible imaginable regime.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,160
6 May 2018 #246
like i said in the last page yes the anti polish sentiment has gone down now since the brexit vote and prior to that polands eu ascension.

Er, that's not what you said at all, in fact you started writing in bold font to further push your point that Poles are being victimised. Yes they were, but all the information you have given IS TWO YEARS OUT OF DATE. I don't think I can make myself any clearer on this. Additionally if you have to ask what's wrong with the Polska dla Polaków crowd, you really have missed the point.

I would even say that the massage and philosophy behind those two 'slogans' is entirely different.

How so? The minority far-right groups present every year at the march use this 'slogan' for want of better words, and to me they are saying ' We don't want foreigners in our lovely white country, Poland is for the Polish '. They are not exactly welcoming in immigrants are they? We have the same types in England, foreigners of any nationality/colour/religion are not welcome, and Poles in the UK after the Brexit vote suffered at the hands of people with this same mentality.

If you see a different message and philosophy I would be interested to hear it, but maybe those far-right groups are taking the meaning out of context, I don't know.
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #247
Yes. I

Yes? When did it happen?

f you read Polish press, you'd know.

Well, I know that at least twice 'Polish' press reported about racist attacks on some foreigner with a different skin color. However it was a hoax, hog-wash and a lie.

So maybe you should READ Polish press carefully and with understanding rather than skim over the headlines.

/1Patriotism isn't about bullying ... 2/ It isn't about claiming to be concerned about ...

2. Such a loaded sentence. You sound like one of our pet forums progressives. Well let me straighten you up!
- you cannot say that someone is using or faking his or her concern without any evidence. Your gut feeling about it is not enough. Its hogwash.

- secondly people in Poland are concerned about possibility of Muslim invasion of Poland. What is needed for an invasion - they need to establish foothold. I think that you should pay attention to the world around you. Danger of them doing just that was and still is very real and present, Germany was/is trying to pressure Poland into accepting a large quantity of them.

As for accepting Ukrainians. Those concerns are valid. Is not as if there was no previous issues with Ukrainians. Even thought a majority of them are perfectly decent people (except for few criminals), there some elements that are hostile to Poland for ideological and historical reasons.

Secondly taking too many people into Poland from one and the same nationality means they will form minority. Poland doesn't need an Ukrainian minority, period. Those who stay should assimilate and those who will not should move on.

he anti polish sentiment

Dude, every country has it society stratified. You cannot judge all the society by the action of few. How hard is to understand? Also there're people who are not happy with immigration but that doesn't mean they hate foreigners, some do of curse but you might find those even in the US. (and I'm not talking about attitude to Fesskins).
gumishu 11 | 5,239
6 May 2018 #248

very recently there was some attack on Polish people including the use of a mechete in Walsall IIRC - one Polish man was left crippled - if you think that anti-Polish sentiment in the UK has died out you are wrong
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #249
How so?

Every country has some kind of a folk music. Which is somewhat similar but in fact different. The same can be said about 'far-right' movements.

Also, the worlds today massive concern is about mass immigration, mainly of Muslim or third world people into Europe or countries with the European culture. That takes its toll and shapes the narrative.

Poland is a target of some progressives who take it personally that Poland is mainly a white people's country as if that was some aberration. So they try all that is in their power to change it.

If people in Poland resist to be socially engineered by some progressive commies from the west with a red chip on each shoulder that is only natural.

After all a social engineering by the smelly commie barbarians from the east with a red star tabooed on a receding forehead wasn't particularly benevolent for Poland or beneficial to Poles.

The country and people are still struggling with aftermath of its legacy and its consequences.
Small wonder that some or other young bucko talks about what is the top issue of his times. It could be also because it is easily definable issue and not too complex.

I digress, sorry. :)
Back to slogans:
England for the English - means no-to-foreigners! (Keep out unless specifically invited by all interested. lol)
Poland for Poles - means Poland ruled by Poles in the interest of the Polish people. (nothing there about immigration policy)
kaprys 3 | 2,384
6 May 2018 #250
What's so progressive about saying that foreigners have been attacked in Poland. It's a fact. If you're interested, google some incidents yourself. But I understand, you don't believe all the media. Is TVP reliable enough?
The list goes on. But you'll keep denying it. After all you know it all living miles away from Poland. So I won't even bother to paste more links. Now go on with your: oh, you progressive moron, so you've come up with just one link or whatever you'll think off.

Just as much as I disagree with the statement that all Poles are racist and xenophobic, it's a fact some testosterone loaded half wits have attacked people just on the basis of their ethnicity.

And for the record, there are loads of Ukrainians here and pretty much few Muslims - except for students and those who decided to stay years ago. So no, people don't talk about it or are too worried about it.

Yeah, what do I know about patriotism: teach me more. You love loving Poland from a distance ;)
gumishu 11 | 5,239
6 May 2018 #251
So no, people don't talk about it or are too worried about it.

people don't talk about because PiS decision not to take the EU quota of immigrants made it a non-issue, simples
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #252
What's so progressive about saying that foreigners have been attacked in Poland

I wasn't referring to that specific issue. I was commenting on the general overtone of your comment of a spectacularly convoluted sentence.

But you'll keep denying it.

I don't deny or not anything. I ask questions if that all right with you. Read closely to what to I have actually written, none one had been attacked in Poland for being a foreigner. In your exmaple of a troublesome teen, he punched a dude because of the color of his skin. (presumably)

For all he knew it cold have been a Polish national. Got caught and punished. Dane deal.
You on the other hand share that progressive mentality that goes ideological and keeps society responsible for the actions of some unruly teen. Boys and men have a peak of the level of aggression from the age of 14 up to 27. If they're not socialized and their energy is not channeled constructively the result can be and are explosive and manifest itself in an any-social behavior and in actual crime.

It is ridiculous to drove a nation to a hold and to do a moral browbeating just because some teen acted inappropriately. Your position implies that you would like it. THAT makes you akin to progressives. It doesn't solve anything but create more problems and in the process unjustly depict the country as dangerous for foreigners and blacks.

ust as much as I disagree with the statement that all Poles are racist and xenophobic,

Poles (generally) are the least people to be xenophobic they are very positive towards foreigners. There is a racist undertone in people's thinking towards blacks but it rarely manifest itself in action.

In all ( I have ground to compare) Poles are one of the most open and tolerant societies on the glob. So to go and browbeat due to some random incidents is ridiculous to my mind.

Yeah, what do I know

You're overtly self-center and critical towards your own people. Because you compare them with an ideal not with any real country or a nation in the world. Same can be said about some high minded Americans.

I think we should stop here and think over this phenomena. Poles regardless of the Soviet oppression, social engineering, post-colonial PSD, WWII loses and general hardships they went through are still in top five nations that actually and factually are an open and tolerant nation. That is amazing if you think about it.

Would that be due to the Christian roots of the Polish culture and to its long tradition of freedom and republicanism?
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
6 May 2018 #253
You're kidding aren't you?
"Poles are one of the most open and tolerant societies in the globe"??????
Compared to Brits,Poles are EXTREMELY xenophobic and racist.
But that is because in Poland they are not used to mixing with other cultures.
When Poles come to The UK they bring their prejudices with them.
And though they may still dislike certain aspects of the cultures they meet they soon realize that whatever culture,religion or skin colour these people have...they are still fellow humans.

To these Poles great credit,despite their lack of experience,understanding and tolerance,they soon start to get on well with other cultures.
The Poles have no experience of diversity and have a degree of intolerance.
But they are quick learners.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 May 2018 #254
Er, that's not what you said at all

Yes I did... post 163 and 170 in this thread...

and two years is nothing. I'm sure if you were harassed, beaten, told to get out of a country repeatedly 2 years ago you'd still remember it today.

Additionally if you have to ask what's wrong with the Polska dla Polaków crowd, you really have missed the point.

I count nationalists as dear friends and people who aren't scared to stand up for their country, religion, and identity in an age where cultural Marxism seeks to destroy white Christian European identity. We need more of these people, not less. If we whites didn't have such people we'd be totally annihilated and conquered - much like France, Germany, Sweden, etc. is today. Thankfully Poland has many patriots - some vocal, some now - but all share the same view and that is Poles don't want to lose their homeland and identity that they and their ancestors fought and died for. We're not going to just hand over out country to a bunch of turd worlders and then live our whole lives working to pay for their housing, food, benefits, etc. while the country is racked with violence and years of state of emergency like France, etc. **** that sh1t! If it wasn't for the 'polska dla polakow' and 'bog honor ojczyzna' types you'd have no go zones, Islamic terror, nonstop mass rapes just like in western Europe as there aren't enough patriots and nationalists to resist the Zionist/Marxist agenda of dividing and conquering Europe by using turd worlders as proxies.

In fact, you should be thanking and supporting these people lest you want Poland to start having cultural enrichment trucks killing innocent people just like the countries to the west. The vast majority of Poles reject migration from the turd world - the only difference between them and the 'polska dla polakow' crowd is that the latter are far more vocal about their opinions - but their worldview is much the same as the majority of Polish people.

it's a fact some testosterone loaded

Considering that it is SCIENTIFIC FACT that western men have lower average sperm counts than at any time in history, I don't see high t levels as a problem. Low T and high estrogen counts (most common in soy boys due to all the soy they eat and drink) leads to being a giant pussy. Most women don't want a man who's a giant pussy and most real men certainly don't want to be friends with a guy that acts more like a fag or a woman.
jon357 63 | 15,214
6 May 2018 #255
But that is because in Poland they are not used to mixing with other cultures.

Yes. This is certainly changing now, especially (as ever) in the bigger cities. It is in every sense a good thing.

But they are quick learners.

Very much so.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 May 2018 #256
Poles are EXTREMELY xenophobic and racist.

Which is what is preventing Poland from becoming like Germany, France, Sweden, etc. You can thank Polish xenophobia for the fact that we've had ZERO Islamic terror attacks, we don't have nonstop rapes, we don't have yearslong state of emergency, and we don't have cultural enrichment trucks driving down the sidewalk...

To these Poles great credit,despite their lack of experience,understanding and tolerance,they soon start to get on well with other cultures.

Doubt it. Poland's been opened up to the world since the 90's and it's more populist and right wing than ever. According to CBOS, 50% of PO supporters, the more 'liberal/lefty' party, reject turd world migrants. With PiS that number is over 90%. Total it's 74% - meaning 3/4 of Poles do not want any sort of turd worlders coming in and ******* up the place and paying for their food, housing, and soccer team of kids while the husband smokes hookah, beats his wife, prays 5 time s a day and then to top it off tells the host nation that they should adapt to muslims instead of the other way around. Poles aren't interested in that BS. We'll take in Ukranians, Indians, Chinese, etc. BECAUSE they want to work, study, contribute etc. to Poland which is welcome. These people adapt to OUR laws, customs, etc. instead of asking Poles to adapt to theirs, which we will never do. Also, we will NOT take in hordes of migrants as we see no net benefit for Poland and Polish people in doing so.
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #257
Compared to Brits,Poles are EXTREMELY xenophobic and racist.

You're kidding dude!
Which Brits are you talking about? Middle class?

But that is because in Poland they are not used to mixing with other cultures.

So what? Poland has been a melting pot for this part of the Europe for most that 400 years. With many cultures, religion and people. THAT has an impact on the culture.

The Brits are rather new to that experience. Large minorities arrived to Britain in the aftermath of the WWII.

YES, they have an authoritarian state that inforce so called PC policy that includes 'fighting with racism' but that doesn't mean that the people are not xenophobic or racists. Mind me I don't say all or even majority but there is an element of the culture that makes it OK for a xenophic attitude. You don't have anything akin to it in the Polish culture.

By the way you seem to be mixing xenophobia with racism.

soon start to get on well with other cultures.

So in the end you agree with me. Thank you.
jon357 63 | 15,214
6 May 2018 #258
Poland has been a melting pot for this part of the Europe for most that 400 years

Had been, rather than has been. It sadly ended with the horrors and genocide of WW2 and the border changes/expulsions that followed.

It wasn't always an easy situation either; things became febrile during a few periods in history and this is well-documented by historians.

The Brits are rather new to that experience. Large minorities arrived to Britain in the aftermath of the WWII.

And have been here for three or four generations; certainly long enough for people to get used to this. London and the port cities have always been melting pots. There have been black people in Liverpool since the Eighteenth Century, and you can say the same about Bristol, Hull, Glasgow etc. Quite long enough for people to get used to people who appear different.
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #259
Which is what is preventing Poland from becoming like Germany

Dude stop peddling this neo-Marxist BS. Not taking in some people just because Germany, people and power and neo-Marxist culture different is not xenophobic is just a common sense.
kaprys 3 | 2,384
6 May 2018 #260
I'm amazed at how much you know what I think.
You asked about an example of a foreigner being attacked in Poland. You got it. As a response you wrote an essay about poor teenage boys who can't control their aggression. Oh and the victim just happened to be a foreigner. Right.

We agree about one thing (although in a moment I may read I'm totally wrong again). Most of Poles are lovely tolerant people. But unlike you I also admit there are some racist ones. And there have been attacks on foreigners in Poland. Just like on Poles in Britain. Probably by the same sort of people - thugs or yobs.

I don't care why. Good for them. The fact is that we don't have thousands of Muslim immigrants here. Now mind you - I'm a woman and I have experienced some nasty (both lecherous and sexist) behaviour from Muslim guys. But sometimes I wonder if me being 'progressive' isn't about a woman having an opinion. And I don't expect that from a European.
TheOther 6 | 3,821
6 May 2018 #261
neo-Marxist BS

Iron, I think you misunderstood him. Dirk said (in response to Miloslaw) that Polish xenophobia and racism are preventing the country from becoming like Germany or France.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 May 2018 #262
they are quick learners.

They indeed learned very quickly that bringing in tons of unvetted, unskilled muslims and Africans would not be good for a majority white European Christian country. They learned very quickly that these people would screw up France, Germany, Sweden, and increasingly UK. And they were right.

I don't care if you call it xenophobia, common sense, neo-Marxism or anything else. Whatever it is - Poland's doing the right thing. And yes, Poles are xenophobic - they're scared of Muslim migrants because of all the problems they caused in the west. It's time to stop apologizing because by that you're buying right into the social Marxists bullshit that Trostky popularized by calling his opponents 'racist.' By saying yes, I'm a proud white European and I'm not going to apologize for it or the fact that I want my nation, my culture, my people to remain intact, thrive, and my children to have a future you're saying that words like 'xenophobe' 'islamaphobe' have no effect on you. They're just empty bullshit Marxist new speak - and more and more people are realizing that because claims of 'racist' are so played out that no one on the right cares anymore. If the majority of Poles are xenophobe or racist or islamaphobe because they don't want the country to have islamic terrorism, skyrocketing rapes, and cultural enrichment trucks speeding down sidewalks so be it. Like the child's saying goes 'sticks and stones can hurt my bones but names will never hurt me' - well most Poles would rather be called a name than deal with them and their family and friends being mowed down by ak47s, blown up by suicide bombers, etc. That's the difference between Poland and Germany, Sweden, France, UK, etc. Poles simply don't care - they'd rather be called some bs name by a Marxist than deal with hordes of unvetted migrants raping and pillaging the country.

The Germans, French, Swedes and increasing Brits are so concerned with PC that they've literally put not just their whole country at risk but their own lives and their families as well. Poles however are not - we don't give a sh1t about PC.
jon357 63 | 15,214
6 May 2018 #263
Most of Poles are lovely tolerant people

This, Kaprys, is spot on. Most people (whatever nationality, religion, skin colour etc) are fundamentally decent. There are a few bad eggs everywhere, screwed up people who hurt others. We should neither pretend it doesn't happen nor make too big an issue of it, since it just sours the atmosphere.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 May 2018 #264
The fact is that we don't have thousands of Muslim immigrants here

We would if the EU got their way though and PiS/Polish population didn't express that they don't them - that's the point. Poles are doing everything to prevent that from happening so that we aren't faced with terrorism, rapes, violence, years of state of emergency, etc. once they arrive.

Another reason is because according to CBOS, 3/4 of Poles don't want them. In a democracy, the majority decides what happens. The Polish voters chose leaders who will not flood their country with turd worlders and expose their fellow countrymen to raping and pillaging.
kaprys 3 | 2,384
6 May 2018 #265
As a woman: if a guy has problems with controlling aggression due to testosterone levels, I see him as sexually frustrated, tbh ... not really sexy. No science to confirm it, just how I feel.

Also as a woman, I don't find feminine men attractive but there's more to being attractive to women than just being aggressive or muscular. Just like that Marino guy who looks really feminine to me despite being handsome and muscular. The same applies to aggression, if you can't control it, you're not a provider. It's not attractive.

That's the main problem with some Muslim immigrants - they believe in aggression, violence and have no respect for the so-called Western values.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 May 2018 #266
We let in over a million Ukrainians. And guess what? No problems. No terrorism, no massive rapes, no torching of cars, no demonstrations calling for Poland to implement Orthodoxy or reject democracy. In fact, they're wonderful because instead of living off the dole and demanding food, money shelter - now even migrants are demanding brand name clothing as they're unhappy with the free clothes they receive - they work, pay taxes, learn polish, and assimilate. Yet if we let in over a million muslims, like Germany did, we'd have the same problems as they do - almost no assimilation, tons of no go zones, terrorism, economic burden (Germany spends more taking care of migrants than on education), thousands upon thousands of rape cases, etc. etc.

Clearly the variable is from WHERE you let migrants in from. Taking in migrants from Ukraine or Belarus - no problems. Taking in migrants from north Africa and middle east - tons of problems. Poles voters have chosen leaders who will not bring in hordes of migrants from ME/Africa - much to the EU's dismay - and in a democracy it's the majority of the voters that decide and the Polish citizens have voted and decided what they want and don't want.

Muslim immigrants - they believe in aggression, violence and have no respect for the so-called Western values

Exactly. Yes it's not all of them - no one's debating that. Nonetheless, it's not worth the risk to the entire Polish population to bring in Muslism just because 'some' of them have a predisposition to terrorism, rape, etc. Yet for some reason when we let in tons of Ukrainians we didn't have that problem. Yes, some Ukrainians are also bad - they fight, steal, rob, etc. But at least a large chunk of Ukrainian men aren't raping Polish women, living off benefits, demanding free stuff, etc. This again shows that the variable is from WHERE the migrants come from. You bring in a million Ukranians, Poles, Spaniards whatever and chances are you'll have no problems with terrorism - they settle in, assimilate, and work hard with a small chunk perhaps committing robberies, dealing drugs, beating people up, whatever. Yet bring in a million Afghanis, Iraqis, Tunisians, and it's the opposite - you can bet that you will have terrorism, rape, demands for free stuff, refusal to work and assimilate, etc.
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #267
I'm amazed at how much you know what I think.

I don't know what you think. Never claimed otherwise. I read what you post and draw my own conclusions. Maybe those are not obvious to you because you never thought about it that way. Hey that is your problem.

'poor teenage boys'
right because boys are to be laughed and mocked and their problems are not to be taken seriously if that convo has been about poor teen girls problem and I would dismiss them in the same way as you done above - you and half of this forum would up in arms.

'just happened to be a foreigner' you are not paying attention - that fact he is a foreigner was accidental, the fact he is black was decisive. GOT IT?

a woman having an opinion.

Boo ho! I threat everyone the same. Maybe you're not used to it and as a woman you expect privileges or at lest a special treatment . No can do.

1. good points but the culture shaped by those experiences is still there. At least some of it.
2. Debatable- few cities make no spring. let alone shape a culture that much.
kaprys 3 | 2,384
6 May 2018 #268
You mentioned teenage boys and problems with aggression, not me. So boohoo me. (Strangely enough, we're discussing how sexist I apparently am instead of attacks on foreigners in Poland - what a lucky coincidence ;))

If that was a teenage girl, I'd criticise her as well. No worries. I'd criticise any violent moron regardless of their sex, race or religion.

And I'm responsible only for what I said - not how you understood it.
Ironside 49 | 10,342
6 May 2018 #269
Iron, I think you misunderstood him.

No, I understood him all right. He doesn't know what he is talking about. It has all to do with a common sense. It used to be a main stream common sense. 40 years ago, nah 20 years ago the idea that some people would be illegally carted across the sea from all corner of the world and any European country would take them in no questions ask - just because, would be a stuff straight from a S-F books,. and laughed at. Now it is a reality.

That is a problem with young buckos they think that know it all. Take some time before they realize they do not know it all and it is a good idea to live a little and listen a little.

You seemingly skipped that lesson. lol!
jon357 63 | 15,214
6 May 2018 #270
2. Debatable- few cities make no spring. let alone shape a culture that much.

Remember there's a knock on effects from cities to towns and to villages and in any case Britain is a largely urban culture. There have also been people form other countries (including from Poland/Czech/Ukraine/Yugoslavia during and after WW2) settling in communities where there has been jobs, commercial opportunities and available housing for many decades now.

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