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Polish Migration to the UK - A moderate speaks!

Marsupial - | 912    
3 Jan 2015  #31
My experience was the same. England has allowed entire areas to fall into the hands of 3rd worlders. Its true they stare at you if you go to their area and no way is it safe. Last time the english guy I was with said it no longer feels like home. The question of some polish immigrants or any of that never came up all the rubbish areas we saw or any threatning thing we experienced came from coloured peoples from 3rd world countries, exclusively and only from those places.
29 Mar 2015  #32
Im from Poland, living in UK 10 years in Bognor 4years. I totally understand British people to feel threaten in their own country. I would feel the same. There is so manyPoles near Bognor Regis because of food factories job opportunity where no English is needed. I've been working in those warehouses and I never meet British national doing same job. Well...fair enough. But that's why there is so many poles in Bognor. I think that Polish people would like to mix more with British but there is language barrier. Some are not determinated or confident enough to learn English..... What a shame! English people are very nice and polite and definitely not racist! Don't be afraid to say what you think this is your country.
29 Mar 2015  #33
Well MR, whatever you do don't have children in this country, if you have children or want them take them back home to Poland to grow up into Polish citizens who have pride and can have pride in your country.

This country is now a mongrel country with infighting where national pride is frowned upon unless it celebrates multicultural diversity. In Poland I would imagine it is a proud thing to say" I am Polish " in the UK it has been deemed " rasict ".

Do you really want what this country has to offer for your children !! Where English/ British soldiers are chopped up in broad daylight or where bombs go off on tubes and buses. Make some money and go home to Poland and bring up your children there, yes they might more work here or money, but there is no pride allowed in your nation or culture unless it's multicultural and diverse because you will be branded a rasict.

I hope Poland never suffers the same culturally as this county has, and I hope Poland and its people never get called racists because you want your own national pride.

Yes I know this countries history before you say.... but !!
8 May 2015  #34
well, it seems that Polish mums are 2x less likely to die in childbirth than British. Suggest safer to stay in EU so Brit mums can do benefit tourism to Poland's hospitals so they have better chance of staying alive ....

tictactoe This country has been mongrel for centuries, wave after wave. The 'english' among them. I have 2 or more proud roots - Celtic in Cornwall from Tintagel - you can't get more Briton than that, King Arthur and all that, and he did exist. In fact, a roman-briton who led a coalition against the incoming Angles (Engle-ish) whom one suspects were poor immigrants seeking a better life. Good enough for their descendants ... Then asylum-seeking french prods fleeing persecution in France from 1535, making their lives here in freedom, marrying with 5 years into their new communities. And then fleeing Polish hero (and he was) who came here to join the fight for Freedom. How dare you moan about such heritage. Mongrels are stronger, smarter, quicker than inbreds. One day maybe you'll stop moaning and get some sort of perspective. Oh BTW, if UKIP get their way and we leave the EU, then what will we do if (and no one seems to want to talk about this) Europe says, OK **** you, have all 2.2 million UK citizens back living here by the same rules that allow Poles etc to stay here. Many of that 2.2 million are not working age, they would need housing, care etc. Oh no says UKIP, but then lets say the climate here engendered by such a result overtakes UKIP's smokescreen and you get what you really want. Because Europe won't owe us a second thought. Please stay, migrants we need, the rest of you push off. Face it, the scenario is a nightmare for our workforce. Hasn't it occurred to you that there are Poles who think so well of this country where they live and work that they want their kids to grow up here and become British. Yes, some go back, but I know many who say, no thanks, we love Britain, it's a great place to raise a family. Get your referendum, yes vote, what then would you want to happen? Come on, be honest.
Marsupial - | 912    
8 May 2015  #35
Aside any criticism I have of the uk I do like it and its people for sure. I have criticism for every country. People should have so long to get job not benefits before tbey should be asked to leave, eu wide Policy would be nice. People who meet above criteria but do not attend school should attend a mandetory english course or be asked to leave. Someone with political gonads should make this law.
13 May 2015  #36
"yes but they're here to work, often doing jobs British people don't want "

No - the jobs were wanted but Polish labour was cheaper and they had less of an understanding as to what was considered exploitation.

The main problem is that the UK is treated the same as the larger countries such as Germany etc - as a small Island it can not cope with large numbers of immigrants as well as the larger countries can. That is why our small towns appear to be so full of foreign people. The politicians don't seem to realise this !

I have a Polish friend at University - she tellsme that many of the Polish she knows can't be bothered to learn English as they don't need to to socialise with their Polish friends and family. These are usually mothers who stay home to look after the chidren whilst the fathers work.

She believes this mentality is very wrong and i fully agree.
jon357 65 | 13,668    
13 May 2015  #37
I agree too, but remember that some people are better at learning languages than others, and some people from Poland who've gone to the UK may plan to only stay a short time.
Paul Foster    
12 Apr 2016  #38
I'm British, but I like the Poles and other Eastern Europeans. I think they've made a good contribution both locally and nationally.
People who don't like them need to see the bigger picture. Firstly, they are overwhelmingly Christian (92%+). If you get rid of them they will be replaced by the people waiting at Calais (95% Muslim) and the one million others in Europe already, not to mention the !-2 million more due this summer(2016). Is that what you want? Try meeting one or two. They are generally very nice.
bognor saviour    
13 May 2018  #39
If we stopped allowing pay outs to these scumbags would they stay.
cms neuf - | 639    
13 May 2018  #40
Payouts or not the smart ones willl probably be looking at other countries

You might end up stuck with some of the moochers and alkies but they would fit in well with the British population of Bognor.
NotaBene - | 1    
14 May 2018  #41
People who don't like them need to see the bigger picture

Back in 1948 after the end of World War II Britain had to set around rebuilding itself. Britain appealed to and welcomed roughly 50000 West Indian immigrants who left the Caribbean and went to England to work; they were welcomed at the time because their labour was going to help rebuild England. So they lived in England and worked in England over the last sixty years.

After the crash of 2008, the wages of British people has lowered, and as a result of Brexit the economic system is now about to implode. Someone had to be responsible for all of this and blaming immigrants was the achievement of the Theresa May government. As Home Secretary and as Prime Minister Theresa May has waged a war against West Indian immigrants. She went so far as to say that if one of those West Indians, men or women, couldn't come out with five or six documents to prove they were in the country illegally after fifty to sixty years of labour, rebuilding England, they would be deported and some were, and many were threatened with it.

It is strange that Polish immigrants still entrust their future to such ungrateful country.

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