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Marrying Polish Woman in UK/London

OP incognito007 1 | 11
1 Mar 2010 #91
Thank you Mister H.

It is necessary for any person coming from 'a developed' nation like yourselves Revoke, cos your immune system isn't as strong as a person born/living in India.

and you need to make your body resistant to it, while it is not compulsory, its precautionary & advisable. I have had a few friends coming from US,UK,France,Holland & Germany, lived and worked without any health issues, and they worked in the slums!

It is a pity that your limited knowledge blinds you to see things in such a light.

by the way, will be posting the necessary sites & documents needed info, this week as I have an appointment with a lawyer who would be helping(?) me get married here in London.

Thanks for listening nonetheless.
1 Mar 2010 #92
All the best to you and your future wife, Incognito.

You should consider moving to Dublin after you get married, just to annoy RevokeNice :)
Matowy - | 295
1 Mar 2010 #93
You should consider moving to Dublin after you get married, just to annoy RevokeNice :)

Get a second home in Manchester as well ;)
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
3 Mar 2010 #94
You should consider moving to Dublin after you get married, just to annoy RevokeNice :)

We have enough poles and 3rd worlders, thank you very much.
AUSP 1 | 7
3 Mar 2010 #96
I am Polish born here in Australia but my parents are Polish, and I have been granted Polish citizenship, and I do speak, read and write Polish. I took Polish school lessons here for many weekends that was delivered by the Polish community here in Australia when I was growing up. I am proud of my ancestral heritage. We are having the same sort of issues here in Australia, where the middle easterns are trying to get Australian citizenship but don't really want to integrate to the Australian way of life. The Australian government is now making it tough to get Australian citizenzship where you have to sit down for an exam about Australian history, geography etc and have a good command of English, and when being issued a passport for the first time you have to be interviewed by the Federal government to get the passport even though you have been granted citzenship.

I just say this to those trying to marry Europeans just to get EU citizenship, but at the end you don't want to abide to the way of life within that EU state ********* off back to your country. I have worked overseas, and my belief is whilst you in that country respect and live by that country's rules don't try to change that country. As the old saying goes ' Whilst in Rome do what the Romans do'.

King Sobieski 2 | 716
5 Mar 2010 #98
or australians...i got done on security questions for my credit card coz the braniac on the other line didnt know what the difference between a "direct debit" and "bpay" is.
Matowy - | 295
5 Mar 2010 #99
The Australian government.

That is a really good system. Is it effective?
King Sobieski 2 | 716
5 Mar 2010 #100
not when you were letting any tom, dick and harry in through the back door...we had a system whereby students could come to australia and study in a field that was a needed skill here and gain permanent residency (PR) after.

the problem being we end up with a lot of indians with MBA's studying to be chefs or hairdressers but with no inclination to pursue that skill and just to get their PR. they then cannot get into their field of study back in india as invariably you need experience.

in addition, college's realising this loop hole where full fee paying students paid 20-30k to get into these courses really ramped up their business to lure these students.

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