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English guy marrying Polish Fiancee - how expensive is a wedding in Poland?

4 Jan 2016 /  #1
I am an English guy and have been living in Poland with my Polish fiancee for 3.5 years now. We want to get married this year but I am confused as to what we need to do. it seems that I have to jump through a lot of hoops and pay a lot of money to the British Embassy in Warsaw to get permission to get married - then have to do all the Polish paperwork. We are not interested in marrying in a church as neither of us are religious but I really can't seem to find a simple answer as to what I need to do. If someone knows the process for this I would appreciate their feedback.

We were thinking of just going back to the UK and getting married there but it seems I have to actually be living in the UK to do that and our plan was just to travel there to get married then come straight back to Poland - so that doesn't seem possible.

Another option we were considering was going to Mauritius and getting married there with our honeymoon in the same place - this would be a beautiful beach wedding and would be very special but my future mother-in-law is not very happy about that option because she would not be able to come to the wedding.

So I was wondering if there are any other options - where we can get married outside of Poland but somewhere cheaper to travel to than Mauritius so other family members can afford to attend? Also if we get married outside of Poland what documents do we need to take with us and how do we go about registering the marriage in Poland once we return?

Any help appreciated - this really seems like a minefield - I would have thought that being members of the EU marriage between partners from 2 EU Member States should be straight forward but it seems that is a long way from the truth.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
4 Jan 2016 /  #2
pay a lot of money to the British Embassy in Warsaw

Wherever you get married you're going to need to do this and do it in that country's embassy. Well, you can do all this remotely of course, but they'll still need to be done.

I had a church wedding, I don't recommend it, we had to jump thtough all kinds of mad hoops, even attending marriage courses, where we learned about the evils of contraception! Lol.

Doing it in a registry office here though it pretty easy, you need that UK embassy much is it? My Irish one was I think 60euros, but I think that's the only state document I needed, I needed a whole ton of church paperwork but that doesn't apply to you, luckily.

If I was in your boat, I'd just do it here, Poland's pretty cheap to get married in and weddings pretty much pay for themselves (so long as you ask enough people to come that is) and importantly, you don't want to pi$$ off the wicked tesciowa already. Remember, she's your free babysitter when that day comes ;)

You could looks at options in Czech & Slovakia, that way most invited guests could still make it, but y'know, they have similar legal systems so the requirements will be similar, plus your fiance will have to submit and get here paparwork in order too coz she won't be a citizen of those places. I think you'd be making it far handier on yourselves to do it here. Trust me, you'll already be stressed and have arguments about organising it so my advice is to try and keep those to a minimum.

4 Jan 2016 /  #3
Three and a half years living in Poland! -why not get married here, mate? Weddings here are much more fun than back home and much cheaper too.

To get married here you need a CNI (certificate of no impediment) and an original full Birth Certificate.
Go back home and apply for the CNI from your local registery office, while you are at it get the B C, as well, if you don't have it yet.

The CNI will cost you about ‎£65- if it hasn't yet gone up. It's cheaper and faster this way. At the embassy you will pay extra

when you go to collect. It should take about 3 weeks to get it at your local registry office.
Instruct them that one of your relatives, in this case parents or siblings, will collect for you.
When they get it, have them sent it to you by post. On your BC, make sure your mum has her maiden surname on it.

When you get your CNI translated here, make sure you get a good translator who is going to get the wording right.
Some USC officials don't like the way the CNIs are written because they are diiferent from Polish ones.
If you get married in England, your fiancee will need the same documents.
In other neighbouring countries, if you are not living or working there, they tend to be suspicious and might
ask for many documents from the two of you. However, Mauritius is by far the easiest and most idyllic island to
get married on. If the two of you have never been married, it's just original passports, bcs and passport photos.
You will have to visit four offices in Port Louis for all the legalities.
Before you get married, you will have to point out to the issuing office
that you need a full marriage certificate to take back with you.
Without that it will be another nightmare to have your marriage recognised in Poland.
In other words, you will have to ask your USC office what they normally
want in foreign marriage certificates. Why?- because what is permissible in one
Voivodship or city might not be in another.
Whatever you choose, mate- good luck to you both!
OP Paladine  
5 Feb 2017 /  #4
So we decided to get married in Mauritius because it was far simpler than jumping through the hoops required to get married in Poland (and who wouldn't want to get married on a beach on a. tropical island?). We take the plunge mid March :)

(Now I just need to find a tailor to make me a suit...)
6 Feb 2017 /  #5
Shorts and singlet at beach wedding mate, with bo tie.
OP Paladine  
7 Feb 2017 /  #6
@Marsupial I have a Linen suit being made by a local tailor - I wanted the classic look :)

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