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(Polish man murdered in Belfast) RIP Piotr Michna

lainbo - | 1
28 Nov 2009 #31
I played volleyball with Piotr for around 3 years. He was an amazing volleyball player who always went out of his way to help and encourage those of us who weren't so talented. We used to travel together to tournaments and to play beach volleyball, and he was always so happy, helpful, sweet and funny. Genuinely the nicest guy i knew. No matter how upset or angry i was, he could always make me smile. He gave of his time and talent so generously and will be missed every day by all of his friends.

As a mark of respect, teams will observe a minute's silence before all Northern Ireland Volleyball Association league matches over the next week.

For those who haven't heard, there will be a memorial service for Piotr on Monday night (30-11-09), 7pm at St Anthony's parish church on the Woodstock Road. This is beside Willowfield Police Station. All friends of Piotr are invited to bid him a proper farewell.

Love you Pete

Elaine xx
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Nov 2009 #32
Gee whizz, this guy was very popular. Never have I seen so many people contribute to a thread like this having known the guy. RIP
Barney 15 | 1,476
28 Nov 2009 #33
this guy was very popular

I cant begin to think what his family are feeling, my heart goes out to them. A tear came to my eye as I read the tributes to this man.

We said this at my Father's Funeral

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again, May God hold
you in the hollow of his hand.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Nov 2009 #34
We can understand deaths such as that of Tupac the rapper as he was embroiled in some nasty stuff but this guy was a regular, innocent man. He had a life ahead of him.
lynsay_w - | 1
29 Nov 2009 #35
For 25 short years God leant us his favourite angel,
He sent us his best,
You made us laugh when we wanted to cry, smile through our tears
And with your loving hugs ,made us believe that everything would be alright.
But we didnt deserve you Piotr,
you were to good for us and He wanted you back up in heaven with Him.
When He took you back, a little part of each of us who knew you went too.
Our only solace is to know you are safe in heaven,
away from the cruelness of this world.
I know you are looking down on us.
I just wish we had of had longer with you.
You could never have known just how much you were and still are loved.

Piotr you were one in a million, i can easily say, the nicest guy i have ever met. Those big blue eyes and dimples, on the fiendliest face on the Ormeau Road. You made coming into work a pleasure. I was always glad to hear we were working the same shift.

My heart goes out to your family and friends back in Poland. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. I hope you all know that Piotr was not alone here, he had many friends, who loved him dearly. His heart was always in Poland with his mum. But he was happy working away, hard as ever, here in Belfast.

We all miss you so much Piotr, dont think it will ever really sink in that your gone.
lynsay x x x x x
xchantelleb - | 6
30 Nov 2009 #36
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Piotr's brother on behalf of all his work colleagues for his lovely, hearfelt message x
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
30 Nov 2009 #37
Well i never knew Piotr Michna but all the same R.I.P

by the posts on this thread he seemed a great person and an asset to his friends and community, it is a shame such a life is wasted for no particular reason, i'm sure he is in a better place.
Danbo - | 1
1 Dec 2009 #38
I worked with Piotr for just under a year. I remember every Sunday going into the shop and Piotr would have the shop open at 06:55am (not like Sam who would open the shop at 07:45am). Every day he would have that smile that we all knew so well, he was always up for a laugh. I've never met someone that done so much for other people, Piotr didnt know the meaning of the word selfish. My thoughts are with Piotr's family at this difficult time. Piotr really was one in a million and I feel the world is now a little dimmer for him being gone.

Rest In Peace Piotr, you will be missed so much.
LouiseM - | 1
1 Dec 2009 #39
Just wanted to pass on my condolences to Piotr's family- I work in the Bank close to the Centra shop he worked in- he was the loveliest gentlest young man you could meet and that smile cheered up my (and all my colleagues) mornings

They say that God always wants to take the good first, he did on this occasion anyway
Much love, our thoughts and prayers are with you al
Zoe H - | 1
2 Dec 2009 #40
The boy's name Piotr is a variant of Peter (Greek), and the meaning of Piotr is "rock".

As you see the meaning of Piotr's name above i think it is very fitting for such a lovely fella. I work in the bank down from centra and i hand on heart can say i have never met such a friendlier guy in Northern Ireland. You could see his smile for miles and he just brightened up everyone's day.

In reading the comments from his friends and work colleagues it is the same thing repeated and he really lived up to the meaning of his name to them.

My deepest heartfelt sympathy to his family, friends and work colleagues. Life will not be the same for you but i hope that it brings you comfort that he is now sharing his great qualities in Heaven.

God Bless

Rest In Peace Piotr

Zoe xxxxx
Dawnie - | 1
2 Dec 2009 #41
Worked with Peter, He was an amazing person and never failed to make me laugh. He always cheered me up. I feel for everyone who's has had the privilege to know Peter, he will be sadly missed.
aisling - | 1
3 Dec 2009 #42
hi michna, i also worked with peter in centra and loved him jus as much as every1 else. the shop is so sad without him now and no day will ever b the same again. we can only imagine the pain ur all feeling at this time and my thoughts and prayers r with u. peters memory lives on

r.i.p piotr nite nite angel
love aisling xxx
Orlagh - | 1
15 Dec 2009 #43
oh god cant believe Im reading these stories Peter and writing this my hearts breaking for you and your family, I cant believe it. Someone in the shop tonight bought a scratch card infront of me and I remembered how I used to wind you up about buying them, You hadnt a bad bone in your body. The day before I started college you took me over to show me where to go, Il never forget, Oh Peter watch over your family and friends and ease the pain they are going through, you are a special soul. God Bless


kh siarko sanok 2 | 52
16 Jan 2010 #45
Piotr i did not know you,but i hope in a better place.R.I.P .
naomim - | 1
20 Mar 2010 #47
miss you loads Peter xoxoxo
CiaraMc - | 6
16 Nov 2010 #48
almost a year peter.. this is gona be a hard week :( love you xxxxxx
Malina - | 2
20 Nov 2010 #49
its been a year since uv been taken from us but ull stay in our hearts forever, sweet dreams Piotrus <3 <3 <3
zetor - | 2
4 Dec 2010 #50
Today or just around unfortunatelly i don't remeber is Your birthday Starku, look after us from above!
Centra_Deli - | 1
1 Oct 2017 #51
I worked with Peter much like the guys above.

An example of how kinf Peter was;

I was working the deli on a sunday, it was always a busy shift. I opened the oven on the Deli and it kept setting off the smoke alarm.

Peter took time out of his shift to clean the filtration system, took him the whole day, he barely took a break and let me go on mine. I still think aboit Peter frequently because he was a true gentleman. I aspire to be more like him.

Im sure I am not alone when I say I miss Peter. He was a true gentleman.

We miss you Peter
Crow 152 | 9,758
3 Oct 2017 #52
By the God, they have tremendous rate of murdering Poles in western Europe.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,535
3 Oct 2017 #53
And it's still going higher and higher ...

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