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John Drennan: "Poles in fear of starved Irish influx"

skubus 7 | 42
10 Apr 2011 #1
Flogging a dead horse???

Just read the following article. Things are bad but not that bad...well not yet anyway!!

John Drennan: Poles in fear of 'starved Irish' influx
Polish mag says we're a 'poverty-stricken' land

THE Polish edition of the respected Newsweek magazine has painted a bizarre portrait of Ireland as a poverty stricken country where "20,000 horses" are starving by the sides of motorways.

Ireland's international reputation is now so battered that relatives of eastern Europeans living here are anxiously contacting them to "see if they are all right''.

The article, titled 'Hang-over Ireland', and written by journalist Marek Rybarczyk, claims that one of the most striking aspects "in today's Irish landscape'' (...) -influx-2615055.html
Sokrates 8 | 3,345
10 Apr 2011 #2
Final solution of the irish question - nuke 'em.
Daisy 3 | 1,224
10 Apr 2011 #3
The author adds that "in the period of prosperity the proud animal was the symbol of high status'' but that "today, too expensive to maintain, they die of hunger".

This is not just an Irish problem, the cost of hay and horse feed has increased so much that people here in the UK can no longer afford to feed their horses. Animal charities in the UK have been dealing with the same problem here. There is also a similar problem with the price of pig feed increasing so much that pig farmers face going out of business. A little bit of 'creative' journalism there I think.
10 Apr 2011 #4
n Poland now have signs saying "no Irish need apply"

That is just 'hilarious'.

In a politically correct world, the Irish are fair game, but you can forget about the dogs and n*ggers. Oh how history repeats itself.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,131
10 Apr 2011 #5
and the motorways constructed in the Seventies

Talk about uninformed!

And yet Poles complain when others write total garbage about their country.
ShortHairThug - | 1,101
10 Apr 2011 #6
A little bit of 'creative' journalism there I think.

Perhaps a metaphor of how mighty have fallen and a warning for us not to put a complete trust in the system that in the end leads to ruin.
SeanBM 35 | 5,797
10 Apr 2011 #7
starved Irish

Sure we'd never go hungry with 20,000 horses roaming the country :)
11 Apr 2011 #8
When your done with the horses you can start on the 'dags'
Ziemowit 14 | 4,263
11 Apr 2011 #9
The apocalyptic tone continues as the author notes that "they cannot be even used for consumption as they lack the electronic chips required of Brussels".

It seems very unlikely that the lack of an electronic chip required of Brussels could ever stop a starving Irish person from consuming the meat of a particular horse not having this chip. Let's not kid ourselves: the power of Brussels - and we all know it is great - would never be so overhelming as to make a hungry person supress their basic biological instincts!

I shall remind you that Polish immigrants in the UK who were in the habit of consuming British swans for supper did that in spite of the lack of suitable electronic chips on them. When one is hungry, one is simply reluctunt to think of the regulations imposed by Brussels.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
11 Apr 2011 #10
I shall remind you that Polish immigrants in the UK who were in the habit of consuming British swans for supper

Shall I remind you that the only culprit ever caught red-handed, with a slaughtered swan on his person, turned out to be a rather different nationality than Polish (or European for that matter). The man was a bit the worse for drink and admitted he wanted to sample the swan in question. This was reported on by the Daily Mail itself.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,368
11 Apr 2011 #11
John Drennan: Poles in fear of 'starved Irish' influx

There was BBC article about starving horses in Ireland, however I think that the "starved Irish" influx that he is talking about probably relates to the Poles who might find themselves out of work and having to had back home.

BTW: How nice of the Irish Bishop to preside over the mass on the anniversary of the Smolensk accident.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,263
11 Apr 2011 #12
Excellent, Magdalena! I have so recklessly thrown in the name "Polish" rather than "supposedly Polish" or for sure "non-British". But you know, this is how stereotypes are created. You read the Daily Mail one day, then you don't read it in a week's time when the good-natured crew of this highly reputable paper is so kind to clarify who the gentelman catching swans really was.

Anyway, I think I watched something on "horses starving by the sides of motorways in Ireland" on Polish TV quite some time before this article appeared in The Independent, so there is some chance that the journalist of the Newsweek Polska may have been inspired by the programme put on air by the guys who compose the contents of the news on Polish TV.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
11 Apr 2011 #13
This is exactly why I read the DM every single day! It's good clean fun :-)
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
12 Apr 2011 #14
country where "20,000 horses" are starving by the sides of motorways

LMAO,and? Im guessing the Irish pikeys treat their horses as well back home as they do over here....

Lets look at Poland eh? Last time I was there I still saw those signs on Motorway slip roads ,nice little pictures of old peasant carts,to be sure those were just there for fun.....hhhmmmm, a country that needs warning signs to stop peasants driving their horse carts on the motorway should maybe remember that thing about people in glass houses :)
Rumfuddle 1 | 20
25 May 2012 #15
That's hilarious, starved horses dying by the sides of motorways?? We're not there yet. Is the Polish edition of Newsweek always this histrionic?

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