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Why Irish women are so rude and judgemental towards foreign women?

rozumiemnic 9 | 3,364    
14 Nov 2016  #31

Interesting what you say Paddy O Mac.
I am terrified of Irish women. I have never met anyone so cliquey and biatchy in all my life.

Lyzko 17 | 3,659    
14 Nov 2016  #32

The Irish have had a bloody tough lot, a long road to ho and little gratitude from outsiders, not that they really needed it-:)

Don't cast espursions on them, as they are a nation sustained by their Catholic faith (much like the Poles) and who had been defined in terms of their poverty longer than not.

Rude?? Well, look at their harsh climate and bare resources and you'll soon realize that geography, not only culture, shapes national character too!!!
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,364    
14 Nov 2016  #33



I can say what I like about Irish women, within reason, being an Irish citizen myself. Thanks.
And I realise this might be hard for you to understand but not all Irish are Catholics! Such a lazy stereotype!
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,364    
14 Nov 2016  #34

obvioulsy I do not include Atch in my sweeping statements...:)
Lyzko 17 | 3,659    
14 Nov 2016  #35

"Lazy" I wouldn't say. While the Irish, even among the Northern Protestants, take perhaps a less strict-constructionist view of the Church than the Italians or the Poles, it HAS nonetheless been the Church which has sustained Ireland over the centuries, for better or for worse (often the latter). Furthermore, the word IS "espursions":-)
16 Feb 2017  #36

Hi I'm an Irish woman and I have best mates from all over. Ya you can get ***** in my country but you can get them every where ...I lived in England and worked and some of the people were so rude but then some were lovely.. I feel bad you had to go through that *****, I'd to go through it myself.. For example there were these two polish womens in where I used to work who were rotten to the core and accused my best mate of sexual assault. Some people in work were saying " oh you can't trust polish" I turned around and said to them that that's bollox I know loads of good sound polish you can't tar anyone with the same brush . The sad truth is the majority of human beings are fecking stupid( not saying I'm clever). Most people are selfish idiots .. If they weren,t then world would not be in such a mess.I hope these ******* you're talking about get what they deserve and I hope you find some good people . Trust me there there and everywhere you just need to be positive and put it to the universe.. X

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