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More honest - Brits of Poles?

Polonius3 989 | 12,348
10 Oct 2010 #1
Who in your view is generally more honest - Brits or Poles? I have in mind a broadly conceived honesty index that would inlcude truthfulness, shoplifitng, cheating on tests, fidelity to spouses, reaction to finding a wallet full of money, stealing from one's employer (removing building materials, offcie supplies, etc. from the workplace).

Secondly, do you regard yourself more or less honest than people of your parents' generation?
McCoy 27 | 1,268
10 Oct 2010 #2
will your existence be more peacefull after you ask all those dumb questions?
noreenb 7 | 554
10 Oct 2010 #3
I think that we shouldn't regard nationalities in here. An answer on question like this one will be failed in many aspects.
I'm as honest as people of my parents' generation.
Seanus 15 | 19,672
10 Oct 2010 #4
I agree with that. We are both honest :) Some are dishonest in both countries and some are honest.
10 Oct 2010 #5
Who in your view is generally more honest

Generally protestant countries.

Have you got a link to backup your statement?
Seanus 15 | 19,672
10 Oct 2010 #6
It has already taken place in the Ekstraklasa football league, Pol3. I dare say that some doctors are trying to stamp out bribes too.
OP Polonius3 989 | 12,348
10 Oct 2010 #7
You haven't replied to whether the people of your parents' generation on the whole were more or less honest than your generation. If so, why?
Seanus 15 | 19,672
10 Oct 2010 #8
Life was easier in terms of stepping into employment in my parent's generation. You didn't need to 'gloss up' your CV so they could be more honest along these lines. It depends from which standpoint you are viewing it. My generation probably lied more at the polls. The Tories were the party that few would admit to voting for but they won a landslide victory under Thatcher. Does that answer your question, Pol3? If not, please ask me sth more specific. If so, please have the courtesy of answering mine. Thanks!
Teffle 22 | 1,319
10 Oct 2010 #9
In response to the question I can only say what I have observed. The British (and Irish) are more likely to tell "white lies" than Poles.

E.g. "your new hairstyle is really nice" "that meal you cooked was lovely". Poles are a bit more blunt and are less likely to tiptoe around. There are advantages & disadvantages to both.

If there is a difference in terms of "honesty", that's the only one that I can really discern.

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