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Visiting Warsaw and some pointers on clubs, restaurants and decent nightlife for people 25-55 and transfer

27 Dec 2014 #1
We are a group of 8 planing to visit warsaw in march and will be spending 2 nights (fri-sun). Can you point us out to some clubs that will suit us. we are in the range of 25-55 and don't mind decent clubs and good music. From what I can find Club Opera seems nice I just dont want m older friends to be the oldest people in the club.

We prefer clubs that you have to dress up a little for and have a good range of drinks and whisky/rum/champagne.

Anything else you guys think is a must let me know pls in terms of food and and shopping.

Thnk a lot/

Looker - | 1,099
27 Dec 2014 #2
Check other posts on this forum for similar questions, you'll find some results:
Monika_Majewska - | 3
2 Jan 2015 #3
My name is Monika , I live in Warsaw from my birthday :) I can show you the good clubs and restaurants in Warsaw. Nowadays in Warsaw are many new places to visit and still are arise another :)

8 Jan 2015 #4
Any places you would recommened Monika? We do not want to go to gentlemans clubs and some of my frieds are a bit older. IT needs to be a club with varieting ages.
8 Jan 2015 #5
If You are a bunch of Brits visit the following:

Tortilla Factory
Legends Bar
8 Jan 2015 #6
Er, did you miss the bit about

you have to dress up a little for and have a good range of drinks and whisky/rum/champagne.

BER2000 - | 1
29 Jan 2015 #7

New in Warsaw and keen to explore new happening places around.
Hunty87 - | 1
25 May 2015 #8
Merged: One Night In Warsaw

Hi looking for some travel advice please!

Me and a friend are due to visit Warsaw for one night only in June to celebrate our birthdays.

We are staying for one night on a Wednesday (17th June) in the city centre and looking for advice of a fun and welcoming place/s to party!

We are both female, turning 30 and looking for somewhere with good food/ drinks/ music/ dancing and atmosphere. Preferably not too young a crowd so we dont feel old but nothing too expensive and pretentious either! Any advice on a bar that will give us a good time?? Any indications on price/ dress code will help too.

Being a wednesday we thought we had better do some research as it is midweek and dont want to be looking for a party all night!

Thanks! 😊
13 Jul 2015 #9
Hi BOTL/Hunty87,

How did your trips to Warsaw go?

If I had seen this sooner, I would have recommended Opera for sure. It's located in the basement of the National Theatre, reasonably priced (especially for those coming from western europe/north america), has some great photo ops, and a mixed local and ex-pat crowd.

Pawilony on Nowy Swiat is a great spot too for some laid back bars - if you just want to kick back and chat with friends.
12 Oct 2015 #10
Merged: Any good place to party, and eat something good in Warsaw?

Hello :) Do you know any good clubs in Warsaw? I mean the nightclub's, gentelman's clubs, dance clubs? We are going for a 2 week trip across the Poland, starting from the capitol. It happaned that first day of our trip is one of my buddy birthday :P And we would like to party a little bit :) Any recommendations?
12 Oct 2015 #11
Hey :) There are quite a lot of good clubs in Warsaw :) You can consider New Orleans club(in the strict center). If u are group of guy's you will propably appreciate the pole dance show's, and good whisky. Sometimes they've got a discount's on open bar ( i don't remember how much exactly it costed when discounted, but we didn't paid much). But remember to give taxi driver a specific address, sometimes they are telling you strange stories that the club is closed etc. and they know a better one
12 Oct 2015 #12
Thanks, i will check it ;) I heard about it, that taxi drivers are getting paid sometimes, to take you to the specific place instead of competitive one. I will be careful :)

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