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Trip to Kraków for a week or more

PolishBro 1 | -
13 Apr 2013 #1
Hello you all Polish Bros.
im going to Poland for one week or a little more, im going to Krakow as main city and i have a few questions.
I`m in my early 20's so for sure ill stay in a Hostel, i made a little of research and i really liked this one greg and tom hostel , is it good ? , and i have two more big concerns, whis places are a must go there ?

and how im going to do with the chicks there, kind of good looking, not model looks or anything like that, just above the average bot not too far, an ok body complexion, im white.

Being like that, am i going to be able to get some luck there ?
Krakman 4 | 58
14 Apr 2013 #2
Ulica Reymonta is a good meeting place for young people on Saturdays around 3PM!! Make sure you dress in red and white and, believe me, you will be fighting off interest!!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
14 Apr 2013 #3
Being like that, am i going to be able to get some luck there ?

Nope. They only go for Latin men these days, not some pasty flabby Polish boy.
14 Apr 2013 #4
PolishBro is asking about what the women of Krakow like. Your own taste in men is irrelevant.

best ways to get around krakow?

I am planning a 2 week trip starting in Krakow, Poland sometime next year. I really would like to start there, but move around during the 2 weeks. What are the best ways to travel with cost and time as large factors.

most modes of transport are slow in Eastern European countries, you'd have to look at trains and buses it all depends on where you are going which is best way. As for costs it's very cheap which ever method you use.

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