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Untold fact about Kraków`s etymology- Thracian origin of place name Kraków?

2 Jul 2010 /  #1
no, you won`t found here about this...



The name of Kraków is traditionally derived from Krakus (Krak, Grakch), the legendary founder of Kraków and a ruler of the tribe of Lechitians (Poles). In Polish, Kraków is an archaic possessive form of Krak and essentially means "Krak's (town)". Krakus's name may derive from "krakula", a Proto-Slavic word[124] meaning a judge's staff, or a Proto-Slavic word "krak" meaning an oak, once a sacred tree most often associated with the concept of genealogy. The first mention of Prince Krakus (then written as Grakch) dates back to 1190, although the town existed as early as the 7th century, inhabited by the tribe of Wiślanie.[2]

The city's full official name, used on ceremonial occasions, is Królewskie Stołeczne Miasto Kraków,[58] meaning "Royal Capital City of Kraków". In English, a person born, or living, in Kraków is a Cracovian (Polish: Krakowianin).

but, my Polish sisters and brothers listen to me. As a Serbian (Racowie), i recognized true meaning of Cracovia. You can spot what i mean > CRACOVIA = C-RACOVIA (from Racowie). Considering that we know (by the medieval chronicles) that other name of Serbs (Ras people/Raci/Rashani/Racowie) coming from Thracian (Thracian) name, we clearly see origin of Cracovia, too.

For now, i would only tell you that place named Kraków (Cracov) obviously originally was formed by our common Proto-Slavic ancestors, in time when they universally called themselves RAS (RASHKI) people, in time immemorial,... most probably in time after they moved from Balkan when Ice age was finished,... in time before our RAS ancestors started to call itself Sarmatians.
2 Jul 2010 /  #2
ppfff... you scare me Crow... i thought this thread tells about how Krakow was moved from Serbia to Poland and changed its name and the origin and i'm really Serbian...

OP Crow  
2 Jul 2010 /  #3
we are all Sarmatians. Serbs just keeping using that name.

Slovenians and Slovaks using as their ethnic name some form of universal name of all Slavs `Slavjani`. Russians keep using ethnic name closely related to our common ancestral original RAS name. Serbs are also known as RASHANI (Racowie). So, we are all Sarmatians, Slavs and also Rashki/Ras people. Historical circumstances affected changes in our ethnic name.

At first, our Proto-slavic ancestors called itself RAS people (RASHKI narod). Then, some form of Serbian name (as it is open possibility by linguistic science) existed as universal name for all Slavs (Sarmatian name) and on the end, name of SLAVJANI (Slavs) appeared on historical scene as universal Slavic name. /later about reasons for metamorphosis of universal Slavic ethnic name/

That RAS people who founded obviously very ancient city of Krakow belonged actually to that primordial and oldest European native culture/civilization. That people was representative of very first seed of Western world, definitely first Europoids in modern sense of the word, first Whites. Those were our Proto-Slavic ancestors, first pioneers of Europe, bulk of White Europeans, genetic basement for all European Whites.

Yes, it is untold truth of Europe, forbidden by Anglos, Germanics and Jews. All Europeans have in itself genes of those ancient Proto-Slavs, not of some so called Indo-Europeans or Indo-Germanics. That truth is hidden for political reasons because magnates and population of western parts of Europe actually deflected from original western culture and merged their interests (just think of Roman-Egyptian connections and ideas for unity) with Semitic world, in ancient times already. Their languages lost direct continuity with language of RAS people, while Slavic languages preserved that continuity.

So, while you contemplate, why THEY hate Slavs so much, have this in mind. THEY would be satisfied only after last Slav died because THEIR lie, THEIR fictional history has sense only if they destroy Slavs absolutely. Slavs- last true native Europeans, last bearers of original Western culture.

... as long as Slavs live, there is the chance that Semitisation of Europeans finish as process and, process of assimilation start to reverse... and all Europeans return to their original RAS (Proto-Slavic) roots. But, magnates of western Europe, who are deeply connected with their Semitic masters won`t give up easily

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